Date a Man Who Travels

Date a Man who travels

They are easily missed in the bustling, dusting, city centers of the world for they are usually camouflaged in local garb against the backdrop of pedestrians walking enmasse, motorbikes riding, tuk tuks tukking, darting in between the ever stacking egg crates, petting wandering goats and cows. Never confused with the spectacled flash of their boyish traveling counterparts painted with the latest in Koh San Road beer label fashion, found traveling in interchanging wolf packs. With a still eye however you may spot their grinning beards, which finds solace in the chaos of the big smoke. You may notice them alone, fearlessly snaking through the melee of fruit markets in search of that perfect mango breakfast they had had the previous morning, with which they are eager to share with you, and anyone who comes across the shine of their disarming vibe of brotherly love, be it a local, a tout, the aforementioned green traveler, or most of all, with a scentful woman who resides in such dimensions of freedom.


Date a man who travels.

Try not to shy away when he approaches you with an unconventional question, because a man who travels would rather share an experience WITH YOU rather than waste time on names and geographic labels. Try to enjoy the exchange before you dismiss him, it maybe the breath of fresh air you didn’t realize was needed, exhaling societal complexities and toxins. Try your hand at his queer witty banter, the exchange could spring you right back into things. And once you both have settled into the liberating free breathing realm of presence, and find yourselves flying off into a joyous sunset of random convos, the humdrum topics ranging from cities of birth to favorite family guy lines will come about on their own, and will actually be interesting.

Date a Man who travels

When you see him having his ritualistic coffee in the calm of morning whilst reading his book of topics eastern, join him. It is your turn to approach and allow his boyish center to reveal itself. Join him in the silent peace of a traveler’s morning, which alone can be a bonding moment. Further cemented by eating the piece of waffle he’s offered you hot from his plate. Do not be suspicious of his brotherly ways for they are most likely authentic. He has a big heart and it bleeds for true human communion beyond the Freudian motives that so often arm us. Most likely he’s already willing to do so much for you lady, much less share some “maple soaked sweet bread?” Surrender the rest of your day to the travel gods cause most likely he wants to spend it with you, and probably has a loose plan of action, at best. Join him and foster his magic, for a traveling man always carries with him at least a little bit, but needs the catalyst of a free woman’s trusting smile to work. So push him on that two day kayak trek down the Mekong offered by that smiling dready around the corner, charm his magic into action, and no doubt that river trek or city walk or museum visit or what have you will extend on and on.DSC00865