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This place is great. It's the biggest jjimjilbang in Daejeon, and not only that - it's one of the loveliest!
Though not exceedingly easy to find at first, it's totally worth the search. If you get the bus towards the Primus cinema, then walk up the road (north-south running Daedeok Dae Ro - 대덕대로) to the very big, very noticeable modern church on the east side of that road (north of Primus cinema, south of the KBS Tower). Turn in at the S-Oil station, putting Chowon Apart. #110 behind you, and walk east for 2 minutes. You'll see the large building on the left side just ahead.

Spaning 7 floors (large floors, not just little spaces), this establishment has done it right. Aside from a couple little things, like some broken toilet-door-locks and no soap in most of the bathrooms, I love it here. The first impression is good - many staff people to assist people coming, going, and getting lockers and clothing. Plus you can see Leports is the only business in this building - must be a good sign. The women's and men's saunas are on separate floors, 2nd and 5th respectively.
Inside the sauna, you'll find a clean area with many lockers, a hydrotherapy room (sitz-bath), nice vanity area, and then the baths. This is where the lovely-ness starts: it's decorated with pretty tiles and agates. There are tubs of all different temperatures (each with its own spout to massage your shoulders), a cooler massage tub, and an ice bath. Then, two drier sauna rooms, the scrub/shower area, and even sleeping caves with infrared lighting! That's unusual in the sauna area. Also, from the locker room, you can access a small loft sleeping area so you can spend the night for only the price of the sauna.

Moving out to the jjimjilbang, you can go back down to the 1st floor to find the first (and quietest) sleeping area and the super-hot cave-rooms. The lovely-ness continues through the building as the stairwells are decorated with historic items, themed pictures, and nice carpets. All the rooms are thoughtfully finished as well.

Back up to the 3rd floor you'll find one of the main areas. This floor has most of the hot rooms, the ice room (small but effective), a large body-temp oxygen room, the snack bar (which has a great variety of drinks, the typical snacks, and lots of cheeses strangely enough), and sports massage. Around this area flows a small stream of water with some waterfalls and landscape dioramas to keep the sound relaxing and natural.

The 4th floor is the theme area, with the PC room, PlayStation room, singing rooms, movie room, children's play area, Korean food restaurant, nail art, and main area (where the free yoga class is held once a day for jjimjilbang guests). This is also one of the central sleeping areas at night.

The 6th floor is the entrance to the fitness center (to use this, you need to be a paying member) and the swimming pool. Typically only for fitness members, the pool is open to jjimjilbang guests during daytime hours on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. It has a waterslide! The last level is essentially the roof, where you can walk on a sole-stimulating stone path, catch some sun, listen to water flowing, and watch the fish. When I've been there, though, the fish pond hasn't been filled. Maybe come summer? Lovely anyway.

Dongbangsak Leports
대전 서구 만년동 330
Daejeon, Seo Gu, Manyeon Dong 330
Open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week

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