Crashing your car to be polite

I've been feeling blue lately. Some people are amazingly creative and productive artistically when they are down. I am not one of those people.  I need to be happy or at least vaguely content to be productive. Otherwise, I tend to sit around my apartment and reread books for the 125th time. Mainly, I'm missing my family which is unusual for me. I mean, sure I'd like to see them more often but usually I'm content with being able to calling them. It's just that I have a brand new nephew who I'd love to meet and play with...and won't get to until he's nearly a year old.

Basically, this means I have zero desire for original content. Thus, I have yet another story that the Cragon told me.

I called Cragon to see if he was in for going out with the Yangsan crew for a night on the town in Busan.  As I was hashing out the details he suddenly exclaimed:

Cragon: "OH MY GOD! I just watched a car crash!"
Me: WHAT?? Are you serious? Is anyone hurt?!
Cragon: No....~starts laughing~
Me: Wait, why is this funny?

The driver was a new teacher at his school, who upon seeing the principal walking toward her down the street, gave a deep bow of respect.  In those few seconds, she somehow lost control of the car and veered onto the sidewalk. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, after all, Korean drivers often use the sidewalk as parking area. However, in school zones they are fenced off (to help keep the children safe I imagine) with pretty sturdy metal poles.  The poor teacher managed to completely crunch the front end of the car AND pop a tire. 

Sometimes, a quick head nod really will suffice. For instance, when in charge of a moving vehicle.

Update/Edit/Reminders from Cragon on things I forgot about: The principal kept on walking after she crashed the car...and didn't stop to ask if she was okay. Apparently he mainly had a 'what on earth?!' look on his face.  Cragon claimed that because she was a very new teacher he might not have realized that it was her/recognized the car so he might have just thought it was an incredibly spastic woman.

Also, in an attempt to get her car off of the main road (roads are very narrow she was blocking traffic) she had to drive it about 500 feet in Cragon's direction...with the popped tire making lovely thumping noises the whole way. And probably ruining her axle. Though, to be fair, with the crunched front end of the car a ruined axle was probably the least of her worries.