Costco in Korea!

Picture Costco (or your favorite superstore) on a Sunday. Now add several hundred people throwing elbows and driving bumper carts. Voila! You have an idea of what Costco is like on a Sunday. I normally try to get any sort of grocery shopping done after work during the week but Costco is just too far away for me to want to deal with that on a weekday. I added myself to my Mom's account back in September but I hadn't taken advantage of that yet. My burning desire for Oreos** and Eggo waffles finally caved me.They didn't have Eggo waffles like the Costco in Seoul! It was tragic. However, my stomach was appeased with 2 giant boxes of Oreos, Ritz crackers (taste buttery but only have oil in them!), Cheerios, and 4 pounds of bacon. In case you were wondering, I had Bacon, Ritz crackers, and Oreos for dinner last night.  Probably my least balanced meal in the past year but so very tasty.

I wish I had taken pictures but when I am shopping in bulk I tend to only put the essentials in my bag...and my camera frequently loses out to my book when it comes to the essential strip down. I finished Plato's Phaedrus and must go back to Howard Zinn. It's getting constantly shafted on the reading schedule for being utterly too large to be conveniently transported. Really good book...terrible size for my purse.

The news is alternately frustrating and aggravating me. This is nothing out of the ordinary but it might be a few days until you get a new news post from me. Or a few hours. Whenever I manage to relax a bit.

**Korean made Oreos have milk in them. American made Oreos only have sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other chemicals that simulate a milky flavor. For new comers to my blog/life, I am severely lactose intolerant.


I just use ezshop Korea, the

I just use ezshop Korea, the prices are about the same, they have pretty much the same stuff exactly and it's only 10,000w delivery to your door.

10,000w to not drive there which takes me over an hour plus each way, park, shop(which takes pretty much all day), not listen to people eating with their mouths open. 

I'd pay twice the fee.  

ez shop korea

 i used to use ez shop korea till I went to costco and discovered ezshop has a markup on each product from 5 to 10000 won.  so now ill only use it on things i can't get at costco.

I thought I was the only one...

who thought the Oreos here just weren't the same.  I even had some sent from back home to show people the difference in quality.  Korean-made Oreos are actually not very good.

Really? the cheese I bought

Really? the cheese I bought was not marked up at all to the amounts you are stating. If they were they'd be 20,000w+ and I paid less than 16,000w, neither was the sour cream or the canned goods.

Please show me what is marked up to these amounts you quote; 5-10,000w.

three examples

 the microwave orville redenbaker popcorn is 23800 at costco and 32500 at ezshop.

the jelly bellys are 32900 at ezshop and either 23000 or 25000 at costco

the crunch mini bars are 11000 at ezshop at 7900 at costco.

Thanks, I guess I'll stay

Thanks, I guess I'll stay away from ordering that kind of stuff. I usaully just stick with different types of cheeses and the occasional canned non-perishables. Lotte mart used to have Bega/Vega? cheese from Aussie stocked but it went away.....they had old chedder; my favorite. 

They're back!

Eggo waffles are there in abundance, don't forget the maple syrup! 

Online vs. In person

Online shopping is fab for people without food allergies but I've found that in Korea I have to double check the ingredient listings each time to make sure the recipe hasn't changed. I can't be positive that it's the American version that I can eat or the identical looking Korean one unless I can really look at the packaging.

Eggo waffles are at Costco or at EZshop???


That's because the recipe is different! The Korean one uses real milk and the American one uses high fructose corn syrup and chemicals instead. :-D

I love the American Oreos...mainly because I'm allergic to the Korean version.