Cook in Korean – Useful words and vocabulary for the kitchen

Adding to your knowledge, all the words related to how to cook in Korean and the tools needed can be another fun lesson for you to tackle.

Whether you want to attend a cooking class in Korea or identify the tools used to cook your dinner or explain how to make your favorite dishes when you’re in your home country, the following words will prove useful.

Let’s learn about cooking by learning all the vocabulary in this language for the tools, appliances, and utensils you’ll need, from the English language to Korean.

Cook in Korean

How to say “cook” in Korean

The word “cook” in English may have different definitions depending on whether it’s used as a verb or a noun in sentences. Here are their terms in Korean.

Cook in Korean (Noun)

If you’re pertaining to “cook” in Korean as a noun, you can say it as 요리 (yori). As a noun, it can also be said as 요리사 (yorisa), which means chef.

Cook in Korean (Verb)

The word for “cook” in Korean as a verb is 요리하다 (yorihada). This is made up of 2 words which are 요리 (yori) and 하다 (hada) where 요리 (yori) means cook and 하다 (hada) is to do. 요리하다 (yorihada) can be translated as “to cook.”

Essential kitchen vocabulary in Korean

You may eat or cook in different cuisines like French, Japanese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, and the like. Each cuisine creates delicious meals using the tools listed. For now, we’ll focus on the Hangeul translation of each word in English below. This may also be useful and essential if you want to teach your friend about cooking your home country’s cuisine!

Kitchen tools. Cooking utensil and electric appliances for baking oven, mixer, scales, mincer. Home cookware in minimalist style vector set. Toaster, jar for water and glass, frying pan and saucepan

Cookware in Korean

The term for “cookware” in Korean is 취사도구 (chwisadogu).

Words for Korean Cookware

These are the common tools used to prepare and cook food.

Skillet (Frying Pan) 냄비 (naembi),
프라이팬 (peuraipaen)
Braiser 브헤제 (beuheje)
슬라이서 (seullaiseo)
Kitchen Scale 조리용 저울 (joriyong jeoul)
Mixing Bowl
믹싱 볼 (miksing bol)
Chopping Board, Cutting Board 도마 (doma)
Mandolin 만돌린 (mandollin)
Stock Pot 육수 냄비 (yuksu naembi)
Kettle 주전자 (jujeonja)
Rubber Gloves 고무장갑 (gomujanggap)
Food Container 용기포장, (yonggipojang),
식품 (sikpum),
보관용기 (bogwanyonggi)
Mortar and Pestle 막자사발과 막자(makjasabalgwa makja),
절구와 절구 공이(jeolguwa jeolgu gongi)
Stone Pot 돌솥 (dolsot)
Earthenware Pot 뚝배기 (ttukbaegi)
Grinder 가는 기구 (ganeun gigu)
Strainer, Colander 여과기 (yeogwagi),
거르개 (georeugae),
체 (che)
Sauce Pan, Pot 냄비 (naembi)
Sheet Pan 시트 팬 (siteu paen)
Baking Dish 베이킹 접시 (beiking jeopsi)
Can Opener 캔 오프너 (kaen opeuneo),
깡통따개 (kkangtongttagae)
Zester 껍질벗기개 (kkeopjilbeotgigae)
Salad Spinner 채소 탈수 바구니 (chaeso talsu baguni),
채소 탈수기 (chaeso talsugi),
채소건조기 (chaesogeonjogi)
Wok 웍 (wok)
Saute Pan 소테팬 (sotepaen),
볶음용 팬 (bokkeumyong paen)
Grater 강판 (gangpan)

Utensils in Korean

There are two ways to say “utensils” in Korean. You can say it as 밥그릇 (bapgeureut) or 기구 (gigu).

Words for Korean Utensils

These handheld tools used to cook are ultimately important, from the preparation of food to dining.

Knife 칼 (kal)
Spatula 주걱 (jugeok),
뒤집개 (dwijipgae)
Measuring Spoon 계량스푼 (gyeryangseupun)
Rice Paddle 밥주걱 (bapjugeok)
Scissors 가위 (gawi)
Measuring Cup 계량 컵 (gyeryang keop)
Peeler 껍질 벗기는 칼 (kkeopjil beotgineun kal)
Whisk 거품기 (geopumgi)
Tongs 집게 (jipge)
Meat Tenderizer 연육제 (yeonyukje)
Fork 포크 (pokeu)
Spoon 숟가락 (sutgarak),
스푼 (seupun)
Chopsticks 젓가락 (jeotgarak)

Kitchen Appliances in Korean

The term for “kitchen appliances” in Korean is 주방용품 (jubangyongpum).

Words for Korean Kitchen Appliances

These cooking appliances are most relevant to the actual cooking process.

Rice Cooker 밥솥 (bapsot)
Microwave 전자레인지 (jeonjareinji)
Blender 분쇄기 (bunswaegi),
믹서기 (mikseogi)
Oven 오븐 (obeun)
Stove 레인지 (reinji)
Toaster 토스터 (toseuteo)
Coffeemaker 커피메이커 (keopimeikeo)
Fridge 냉장고 (naengjanggo)
Freezer 냉동고 (naengdonggo)
Electric Whisk 전기 거품기 (jeongi geopumgi)
Grill 그릴 (geuril),
석쇠 (seoksoe)
Gas Burner 가스버너 (gaseubeoneo)
Food Processor 만능 조리 기구 (manneung jori gigu)
Slow Cooker 전기 찜솥 (jeongi jjimsot)

Did we miss any essential cooking tools? Please let us know so we can add it to the list and teach you even more! Which tools and appliances are your personal favorites to use when cooking? And have you already searched with people you know from Korea how many of the same items you have in your respective kitchens? Let us know your answers and examination results in the comments!

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