Controversial 'Mira Story' to be screened in Busan April 22



This month Busan has a very special event on the evening of Wednesday the 22nd, and you guys should know about it.

Korean director Chul Heo (Ari Ari the Korean Cinema) and actress Mira Choi will be screening his newest independent film, “Mira’s Story.” (There will be English subtitles)

Chul Heo is known for touching on controversial Korean issues in his films, and this one is certainly no exception.

The Korean government was not happy when Oliver Stone paid a visit to the Korean Film Critic Yang Yoon Mo, who was a political prisoner being held on Jeju island. Professor Yang served an 18 month sentence for protesting the construction of a deep water Naval base in Gang Jeong village on the island of Jeju.

This film, “Mira Story,” has received similar resistance since its release in January 2015, in part because the opening scene involves the Sewol Ferry- the most controversial issue in Korea- and ends at Gang Jeong village, where for eight years the naval base construction site has been a center of protest.

In addition to the possibility that this may be your only chance to see the film, Chul has included some songs from our very own Busan expats Gino Brann and Violet Lea.

 You definitely don’t want to miss this unique and touching film which has been funded solely from artists’ talent donation and crowd-funding. Pencil it in and come support an independent art film for a great cause. More details below.


“Mira Story” follows the lives of individuals who have been suppressed by government policy and is told through the eyes of Mira--jobless and lost--who sees an opportunity for change and healing by bringing thousands of books to a village in Jeju.

Mira (Played by Mira Choi) meets various people on her journey and they bond through their similar intentions, frustrations, and motivation to set sail with these books. Talking with them lifts her spirits as she tries to forget the things that have bogged her down--the standard measure of success.

Mira’s trip to Jeju is an eye-opening experience for her as she witnesses the conflict between the villagers and the police and the harsh reality of the struggles people have been going through for the past seven years. She marvels at the stark contrast in the beauty of the island and the damage that is being done by the construction of the naval base. Her emotions cycle between doubt, fear, anxiety, and hope as she makes her way around the island and views the difficulty with her own eyes.


국도에술관 (Gukdo Art Cinema)
Daeyeon subway (Line 2) exit 5, walk straight and make your first right. 10-15 minute walk to the theatre. (Map included)

ADMISSION: Adults 9,000W Students: 7,000W

TIME: 7:40-10pm (1 hour Q&A/ live performance at the end)