Classic Korean highway rest area’s food you must not miss!

highway food

Driving or taking a bus on the highway is the cheapest way to travel Korea. However, it takes pretty long time to drive, making drivers tired and hungry. So let us introduce Korean highway rest area’s food you must eat in order to lighten up your driving! The number of menu being served in many Korean highway rest areas is increasing, yet there are steady-selling menus that highway visitors enjoy a lot. These are the menu you must try!

Grilled Food

Before you enter the inside of a highway rest area building, you can see many vendors selling grilled food. These are the menus that people imagine with when they think about the highway rest area’s snack. Most of people bring them to their cars and eat them while they are driving. They are around 2,000 to 5,000 won. If you have companies, why don’t you guys buy different snacks and share them?

Grilled butter potato is the most popular menu of all.
It is the smell of the grilled squid that makes people go crazy when they visit highway rest areas.
Butter corns are kids’ favorite items

Skewer food

As much as the grilled items, skewer snacks are beloved, especially by children. When you order a skewer snack, the person at the vendor starts frying or making the skewer snack in front of you. You would probably not be able to describe the joy of biting freshly fried skewer snack. There are many kinds of skewer snacks from a fish skewer to a chicken skewer. I bet you are tempted to spend all of your money to taste every skewer in the vendors.

This chicken skewer is usually covered with sweet red pepper sauce.
You can taste shrimp, squid, and fish in a seafood skewer.
This is a Korean style hot dog. Instead of soft bread, a Korean hot dog is fried with crispy dough wrapping a piece sausage.


If you have time to sit and have a somewhat proper meal, go inside the highway rest area. You can find a food court serving numerous menus that probably makes you confusing. Try our recommended menus first, if you haven’t. Unlike the food we introduced above, the menus below cost around 7,000 ~ 8,000 won. Due to the crowd, it may take some time to get your food after ordering, so check how much time you can spend at the highway rest area.

pork curtlet
Usually, pork cutlet in highway rest area restaurants are big enough for 2 people.
Ramyeon is one of the menus you can get the fastest after ordering.
tofu soup
You also can have a full meal like tofu soup with side dishes.

Food is an important part of traveling. We bet you will find something at a highway rest area that could maximize your travel fun.

As a bonus, these are highway rest areas with unique characteristics that you may find interesting to visit.

Donghae (meaning East Sea) highway rest area in Donghae highway (East Sea direction) is a well-known place to enjoy the panorama of the vast East Sea. You can take pictures with the background of breathtaking East Sea and send a post card for free to those whom you want to share your feeling of travel.

donghae highway stop
Donghae highway rest area is right next to the East Sea.

Bosung green tea highway rest area in Namhae (meaning South Sea) highway (Gwangyang direction) utilizes a green tea concept from Bosung area, the biggest green tea farm in Korea. Photo zones with green tea farm background are available. Trees with many light bulbs are installed in the highway rest area, which makes a night visit more memorable. Also, you can enjoy many menus based on Green tea.

bosung highway stop
You can find many green tea products in Bosung green tea highway rest area.

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