"Chelsey! You have a package!"

"Chelsey! You have a package" is my favorite thing to hear!  Man, I love getting mail!  Today though was EXTRA special, because I had 4 things waiting for me in the office! When it rains, it pours! :)

Package #1 was from my friend Ashley in Busan! She and I both love getting mail, so we decided that we're gonna send each other random stuff that we see throughout the week... Just so the other person gets to open some mail once in a while!  This was my 1st package from her!  Woot woot!
(iphone pic)

Package #2 was from Jess, in Seoul!  She taught me how to make homemade ricotta cheese while I was there!  I loved it so much and wanted to make some here in Busan, but couldn't find a cheesecloth, so she mailed me hers!  What a great friend, huh? Thank you Jeshi!

Package #3 was from my awesome Aunt Barb in Colorado!  She's a Mary Kay consultant
and has been for years!  She drives the pink car and has all the beautiful MK jewelry, and a storeroom full of cosmetics! Aaahhh!  I asked her if I could purchase some bronzer and if she could mail it over to me in Korea for an added charge... (I accidentally broke mine and there's no such thing as bronzer in the land of "the whiter your skin, the better!") And she said it was on her!  What a complete gem, huh?  She even threw in some anti-aging eye cream for me. Lord knows I need it!  Thank you Barb!!!  LOL

This package didn't come in the mail, but it did show up on my desk!  The school maintenance lady went back behind the school and picked up all of the Gingko beans that had fallen from the trees and divided them evenly amongst the staff here!  I'm gonna cook these suckers up and watch my memory increase with every bite! :) 

Thank you Ashley, Jess, Barb and maintenance lady!  You totally made this girl smile and feel uber special carrying all her packages through the hallways this afternoon! :)