Chapter Pohang: Homigot Sunrise Park



Pohang is a city in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, and a main seaport in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region. It is known as the home of POSCO (Pohang Iron And Steel Company). There is specific slogan for each city in Korea, like Dynamic Busan, Ulsan for you etc. :) For Pohang it is “Powerful Pohang”. :)

It takes two to three hours to go to Pohang from Busan. That was my first tour outside of Busan city. I was very excited because my husband told me about it like thousand times and I was dying inside to see it in my own eyes. And to tell the truth I was not disappointed at all. <3

Homigot is one of the easternmost points on the Korean peninsula and as such serves every year as a gathering place for thousands to greet Korea’s first sunrise of the New Year. They call it “The Sunrise Festival”. :) Though we weren’t there for the festival. ;)

It’s a tourist spot basically. There’s a wind mill just when you enter the park.There’s Homigot Sunrise Plaza, at each floor it contains different stories and histories of Pohang. There’s pictures, painting and sculptures, which are pretty amazing. And if you go at the highest level of the plaza, you get the whole view of Pohang city.


The most interesting thing of Sunrise Park is the “Hands Of Harmony” sculpture. A bronze and stone made monument. One of them is one the ground and the other one is in the sea. I still am wondering how they built it in water. I mean, how’s that even possible??? :o :o :o But nonetheless they are wonderful, really! <3


The beach view is also pretty good. There’s other sculptures too in the park. Well, they aren’t huge like the previous one. :p One of them was a little boy, pointing index finger upward, an octopus etc. I couldn’t take all the pictures. I’m sorry for ruining the boy sculpture’s picture, btw. ;)


I think the boy indicates the first sunrise. It’s just a guess I’m not sure at all. :D As you can see from the photos, the place is so crowded. And I heard it always is, specially in holidays. :0 Mostly Korean people, as I mentioned before foreigners are not so common in Korea.

Anyways, There is also The National Lighthouse Museum.This museum is full of all the histories of light houses, which takes you back to the old days.  There are so many light house tools that has been used in the past, including GPS, radar, binocular, log book, very first ships’s small model, sculptures of captain and sailors etc. All of them are in an orderly manner, from past to present. Seeing these things may make you realize how far we, the mankind have come! And you may feel grateful to our ancestors for that. I was astonished by seeing the size of the GPS receiver which was built like 1998/1999. It has size of the old box style 12″ TV. And now as a part of my research I use a GPS receiver which you can carry in your hand easily! I was like, wow!!! That’s amazing! ^_^

There are plenty of street shops selling foods. ;) Mostly the Korean food of course. I think this city has a reputation for crab. Almost each and every restaurant in the city has crab like sculpture besides their name plates :D. Anyways, if you prefer HALAL food then you better take your food with you. But if you prefer sea food then it’s no problem for you, as we all know sea foods are halal. :)


There’s a souvenirs shop too. It looked like things a little overpriced there though.