Chai-Infused Coffee Recipe

Y’all ever have a week that feels like it might be a test from the universe, and if so, that you’re probably not passing it? I’m not talking about anything major, but just one of those weeks that’s like death by a million paper cuts. 

That’s alright, though. We all have them. We all get through them. And let me tell you… when a big part of your job is customer service? Well. Enough said. 

It’s not my ‘weekend’ yet… that starts on Monday for me. But I know it’s the weekend for most of you all, so I thought I’d post this little pick-me-up of a simple recipe in case you’ve had a week like I have and need something good, but not too complicated, to brighten up your weekend. For the shop this weekend, I’m making these chai-tea inspired, creme-brûlée inspired mini pies, a bit of an adaptation from a recipe I dug out of a cookbook I have. To make it, I needed to infuse some heavy cream with a bunch of spices to give it chai vibes, and while I was test-tasting, I realized it would make a killer coffee creamer. And it took about five minutes of actual work. 

I realize there’s already a chai-flavored hot beverage option that’s been around for a while, but I’m a coffee drinker, and tea is for when I’m already having a good day and feeling uppity, alright? When it’s been a week, we don’t hold back. We break out the coffee. Am I wrong? 

As a side note, I also fully intend to try this as a replacement for whipped cream and fully encourage y’all to whip some up to top off your coffees if you’re feeling fancy. I know I’m going to. 

We can’t always control how our days go, but we can damn well set aside 15 minutes for a nice cup of coffee.

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