Cat-face or puppy-face, which one is yours?

“Do you like cats or puppies?” I’m not asking you about real cats or puppies. I’m talking about the face type of a person. In Korea, it’s common to classify people’s (usually women’s) faces into cat-faces or puppy-faces based on the shapes and the ratio of eyes, nose, mouth and facial lines.

Let us explain more about each type with the examples of Korean actresses. Why don’t you run to the mirror and check which face type you have? :)

1. Cat-face Actresses

A. Han Ye-Seul

Han Ye-Seul is the most famous actress for cat-face. She starred in “Couple or Trouble” and “Birth of Beauty.”

It is said that those who have cat-faces have sharp and edgy lines on their faces. Their eyes are narrow and slanted. They also have sharp noses. Due to their clean-cut features, they tend to have a strong, sexy, chick aura. Sometimes they are misunderstood that they are cold and lofty.

B. Kim Sa-Rang

Kim Sa-Rang has a unique cat-face with voluptuous body. She recently starred a role in a Korean drama “Beloved Eun-Dong.”

C. Kim Hee-Sun

Kim Hee-Sun is a Korean actress who has been famous since the early 90’s. She became popular for her roles in “Mister Q,” “Sad Love Story,” and “Angry Mom.”

D. Lee Da-Hae

Lee Da-Hae is another Korean actress with cat-face. She starred in “My Girl,” “The Slave Hunters,” and “Miss Ripley.”

E. Kim Ji-Won

고양이상 김지원
Kim Ji-Won is a rising star who became famous for her role in “The Heirs.”

2. Puppy-face Actresses

Two big features of the puppy-face are round big eyes and soft facial lines. Sometimes people with puppy-faces have drooping eyes, making them look cute and friendly. Due to their soft looking faces, they look younger than their actual age.

A. Han Ji-Min

Han Ji-Min has a classic puppy face. She is famous for her roles in dramas such as “Rooftop Prince” and “Hyde, Jekyll, Me”.

B. Park Shin-Hye

Park Shin-Hye is a rising actress in Korea. She starred in “You’re Beautiful,” “The Heirs,” and “Pinocchio.”

C. Lee Min-Jung

Lee Min-Jung is famous for her clean and soft image. She starred in “Big” and “All About My Romance.”

D. Song Ji-Hyo

Song Ji-Hyo is a Korean actress who became famous due to the popular TV program “Running Man.”

E. Son Ye-Jin

Son Ye-Jin is a Korean actress who has the image of a boy’s first love. She became famous for her roles in “Summer Scent” and “Personal Taste.”

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