CARE UPDATE: A Monk, A Dog, and an Axe

Drunk monk kills dog with an axe

This story can be found on the CARE website. I post it because it happened in my city, and because it has the potential to be a ground breaking case in terms of South Korea’s as yet, unenacted Animal Protection Law.

“Last night (Monday 13th, May), CARE received a tip on the whereabouts of the monk responsible for the death of Jang-goon. We were informed he was staying in a temple in Daegu. We immediately called the police to request they arrest the monk on charges of animal cruelty. They refused to take the case seriously and told us “they would get around to it eventually. ” CARE immediately took action and drove to Daegu to confront the monk at his temple.

When we arrived, we met with the monk and asked him why he killed Jang-goon.

He said he did it because the dog was “too loud and always barking.” He also admitted to being “very drunk at the time.”

We asked him to come to the Busan police department to make an official statement to the police. He agreed and willingly came with us. Once we arrived at the Busan Police Department, dozens of reporters were waiting to capture images of the monk who brutally murdered a dog with an axe.

As of current, the monk is being held in custody and is undergoing interrogations.

We hope this monk will be the first person in the history of Korea to be prosecuted by the newly enacted Animal Protection Law.

We will update more as information comes in.

Please sign the petition demanding maximum punishment for Jang-goon’s brutal death.
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