Capturing the Essence: A Morning Photowalk at Jinha Beach

Mornings at Jinha Beach are a magnet for Korean photographers, and for good reason – it’s a stunning location that never fails to inspire. Last week, I ventured out with the itch to capture the beauty that only the early hours could offer. In this blog post, I want to share my experience and emphasize the importance of going out without expectations, allowing the morning to unfold its magic.

The Itch to Capture

As a photographer, there’s an undeniable feeling in your bones that signals it’s time to head out and capture moments. Last week, that itch propelled me to Jinha Beach, driven by the anticipation of what the morning might reveal.

Embracing the Unexpected

This particular morning, I was running a bit late due to traffic, but I still managed to arrive before sunrise. Here’s a valuable lesson – sometimes, you have to embrace the unexpected. Just go out, see what unfolds, and let the morning surprise you. Whether good or bad, the key is that you got out.

The No Filter Shots

Before diving into long-exposure photography, I always take a few initial shots without any filters. This serves as a reference point and allows me to capture the full essence of the location before delving into the intricacies of long exposures.

Long-exposure photography requires time to achieve the correct exposure. Using the magnetic filter set from K&F Concept has proven invaluable. The ease of popping the 10-stop filter on and off swiftly enhances the efficiency of the process.

Unexpected Delights: Surfers in January… in Ulsan

Despite the chilly January weather in Korea, I was pleasantly surprised to find surfers at Jinha Beach at this time of year. Their presence added a unique dimension to my shots. Timing was crucial; I seized the opportunity when one surfer walked down the beach, waiting for the perfect wave. Quick adjustments to camera settings ensured I captured the fleeting moment.

Photography often demands quick decision-making. Moments come and go swiftly, especially with dynamic elements like surfers. I worked fast, experimenting with various settings to ensure I got the shot before the opportunity passed.

Closing Thoughts

In a matter of moments, the surfer was out in the water, and I decided to wrap up my session. As I packed my gear, I reflected on the importance of spontaneity in photography. Sometimes, you just need to go out, gear in hand, and see what unfolds. The unpredictability of these moments often leads to the most rewarding captures. So, my advice today is simple: go out, get some photos, and let the magic of the morning surprise you.

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