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As you may remember from my post on Bubbas in Dalmaji, I have struggled to find a decent Eggs Benedict in Busan. I headed to Café primo in Gwangan with a big group of friends on the recommendation of one of our number, and assurances that their Eggs Benedict was on point. We would see…

Café Primo Is fairly nondescript from the outside. A simple, concrete building and small sign (see picture below) lead you upstairs to the café. The interior is rather cute. Exposed brickwork, gentle lighting and a number of potted trees make the café seem very peaceful, even serene.

The drinks menu is pretty standard for a Korean café, with all the usual coffee’s in evidence, along with an extensive selection of smoothies. Having already had a smoothie that morning, I declined to try one, however they did look delicious. They are a little pricy, coming in at around 6-7,000, however it should be noted that you get 20% off any drink when you order food off the brunch menu.

Being extremely hungry we dived right in. I ordered the Eggs Benedict (of course), and my companions ordered a wide ranging variety of dishes, both from the brunch menu and the all-day menu. Strangely enough however, all food is available all day.

The food arrived quickly, and thankfully in quick succession. Something I have encountered regularly in Korea is dishes coming out piecemeal. One person will have finished whilst another’s hasn’t arrived. This really puts a dampener on the ambience. Especially if I’m the one waiting for my food. I get bad cases of ‘H-angry’.

The Eggs benedict certainly looked the part (see pic below). Although not on an English muffin as is traditional, it was served on two slices on good quality granary bread, which is difficult to find in Korea. The ham was delicious, and carved thickly, and the eggs were poached perfectly. The hollandaise sauce was also excellent, silky and creamy, with none of the horrible sweetness I have experienced at other places. The salad it came with was small and simple, and nothing to write home about. Whilst the quality of the dish is undoubtedly good, it’s a little steep at 11,000, and I was left feeling a touch hungry.

My companion’s food also went down well. As you can see from the attached pictures, everything is simply and cleanly presented, and the quality of the ingredients was good across the board. One friend was particularly delighted to find fresh avocado adorning her bagel, professing to finding them difficult to come by in Korea. I got to try bits and bobs from my friend’s plates (perks of the job), and was most impressed by the Granola with berry compote and banana (6,500 won). The granola was crunchy, and the fruit clearly freshly cut. Again the only downside would have to be the portion size was on the small side.

All-in-all Primo is a good bet for a lazy Sunday brunch. The food is good, the menu extensive, and the ambience calm and relaxing. My only disappointment was that the portions are quite small. Though of course this could be down to me being a big eater! If you’re in Gwangan and are looking for a light bite and a chat, I can recommend Café Primo.

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Café Primo is situated equidistant between Gwangan and Geumyongsan subway stations. From either, walk down to the beach and look for Hilltop Motel (힐탑모텔). Café Primo is next to that building, one street back from the beach. (See below image)

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