I have neglected this blog for some weeks now, mostly because I have some projects that require a lot of my attention and energy.

I am in the process of selling/letting go of my school.

I have received another opportunity into my lap a few months ago, I thought I could combine my school with the new opportunity, but I was dreaming.  So I had to make a choice, keep my school or go for the other project.

Since I am someone who loves challenges and risk, the choice was quickly made, I will go for the new opportunity.

Currently, I have an interested party in taking over my school.  Nothing is set in stone, but steps are being made.

It took me some time and effort, but I got an incubation office from the Seoul Global Center, and that is a big push in the right direction.

This blog is based on my experience in running a school, so this change has a direct effect on it.  The concept of this blog will change too.  It will become a blog about doing business in Korea from the ground.  I will share my experiences in hitting the pavement and trying to develop the market.

Lately, a lot of hits have come from searchers about the LOR.  I might write one more article debating the LOR, but I am sure the details on the LOR will change coming January, mostly because the principals of the LOR are a disgrace.

I am still open for people to ask me questions related to my business experience in running a school in South Korea.

Trod on!