Busan’s Dongnae Computer Market


Busan has several electronics and computer markets, but I think that the one in Dongnae is the best! It’s huge, fairly clean and tidy, and has everything you could possibly want. The Korean name for the building is 부산 컴푸터 상가. Busan Computer Wholesale Market! The website for the market is http://www.boocom.co.kr/!

Curious what the place looks like on the inside or on the outside? Check out the video we made!

What’d you get?

Some people have asked about what machine we went home with. Back in America, I (Evan) worked in I.T. for many years and assembled many, many PCs. That’s what I was planning to do here. Then, the vendor offered to assemble it on the spot for 30,000W – about 30$ US. That’s a great deal! If he assembles it and boots it there – problems are his responsibility, not mine. I liked the sound of that, since my Korean tech jargon isn’t that great. So, I told him what I wanted, picked some stuff from his inventory, and he went to work. For about 1,000,000W – 990$US, we got the following:

  • i7 4790 CPU
  • 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
  • 250GB Samsung SSD
  • 1TB Western Digital HDD
  • Zotac GTX760 2GB GPU
  • Asus Motherboard
  • Korean Case

This is definitely more expensive than it would have been in the US. Most of the prices are just a few dollars mroe here and there, but the thing that’s far more expensive in Korean than in the US is the GPU. The difference? Here, that GTX760 costs about 400,000. In the US? It costs about 250. Ouch! It’s a great machine though, and that GPU is worth even it’s Korean price for our video work (and playing games)!

Where is this computer market?

Map to Computer Market

The Busan computer market is near the huge shopping complex at Myeongryun station. You can take Busan’s subway line 2 to that station to find it. Check the map for details! The exits for this station are a bit.. strange. The best thing to do is come out exit 3 and then walk up the street away from the station. You’ll see a pedestrian bridge – a normal, white one, not the crazy curved one attached to the station. Get up on that pedestrian bridge and walk along it directly into the second floor of the huge building with the computer ads on the side. You’re there! It’s three stories worth of nerd heaven. The Busan computer market – I love it.

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Re: Busan’s Dongnae Computer Market

Firstly, thanks for the info on computer market in Busan. I agree that Dongnae is the best. 

I am sorry to say that but 400.000 is really high for a GTX760. I purchased a Zotac GTX760 3 weeks ago for 270.000. 

That's why I always buy different parts from different vendors there. Everyone has something cheaper than others. To find it though. That's the fun part about going in a computer market rather than online shopping.