A Brilliant Excuse to Drink Coffee

Today's Korea Times reports that "coffee reduces risk of brain cancer."For anyone who has ever spent any amount of time with me knows that that I am caffeine crazed. I often refer to coffee as the ambrosia of mortals...and God help you if you ever have to deal with me before I've had my morning coffee. As I type this I am drinking my second large cup from my insulated coffee cup in the office. When I was at university in Paris I took advantage of those 40 centime espresso machines in the academic buildings (and dormitory) and averaged between 5 and 13 cups a day. To be fair, I needed it to stay awake to get through the workload but still, that's a lot of coffee.

During college I often fantasized about an intravenous tube feeding me caffeine so I didn't have to waste valuable research/work time by getting up to make coffee every so often. A friend of mine and I came up with the brilliant idea of creating a sort of dome around the campus so we could caffeinate the air. After all, we had never met a Sarah Lawrence student who wasn't sleep deprived (and if they weren't, they generally flunked out in a semester or two). Perhaps one of the most bizarre moments was when I was sitting in an overly long orchestra rehearsal and had a vivid fantasy about somehow getting at my Mom's espresso machine so I could have lattes (let's face it, a latte was way out of my budget for the first three years of college).

In other news, Korea has chosen yet another branding slogan to help increase tourists: Korea Be Inspired. This replaces Korea Sparkling which unsurprisingly was universally criticized as having absolutely zero personality or anything at all to do with Korea. Not as terrible as HiSeoul (ironic in a country with an internal possession law for drugs) but pretty close. I live in 'Active Yangsan.' Whatever that means. Guess how much Korea spent coming up with 'Korea Sparkling?' 5 BILLION WON. That's about 5 million dollars for the lamest slogan ever. What advertising firm has been ripping them off??

I'm off for another inspiring 7 hour lesson planning session. Ugh.