"Braai" what?!?!?!?

Throughout this blog, and any other South African blog/website/ etc you will come across the word braai. For those non-South African's out there, here's a little post to get you familiar with the word and what it means.

Pronounced "br-eye",

the word braai (plural braaie) is Afrikaans for "barbecue" or "roast" and is a social custom in BotswanaSouth AfricaNamibiaLesothoZimbabwe and Zambia. It originated with the Afrikaner people, but has since been adopted by South Africans of many ethnic backgrounds. The word vleis is Afrikaans for "meat".
The word has been adopted by English-speaking South Africans and can be regarded as another word for barbecue, in that it serves as a verb when describing how food is cooked and a noun when describing the cooking equipment, such as a grill.[1] The traditions around a braai can be considerably different from a barbecue, however, even if the method of food preparation is very similar.
While wood formerly was the most widely-used braai fuel, in modern times the use of charcoal has increased due to its convenience, as with barbecues elsewhere in the world. There has however been a renewed interest in the use of wood after the South African government started with its invasive plant species removal program. An important distinction between a braai and a barbecue is that it is fairly uncommon for a braai to use gas rather than an open flame. Wikipedia

Here are some pics of the braai's we have had/been to while being here in South Korea:


Braai's are not to be confused with BBQ's, although some people would say they are very similar...South Africans NEVER call a barbeque a braai :)

So here's to many more braai's with good friends!