Best places of Korea awards, as decided on by YOU

There are already plenty of 'best of...' sort of lists - often put out by official organizations or government departments. Not too many of them are compiled and awarded by expats, however, so let's start one up.

Think of your favorite places in Korea - where you've gotten off the beaten path, saw some fun sights, hiked a mountain, or just went on a great date.

Taking nominations for the best places in Korea, in the following categories, until midnight Korean time on October 31st. Voting will commence shortly after.

Basic rules:

  • To nominate a place, leave a comment or send an email to chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com.

  • Nominate as many or as few places as you like! For the sake of diversity, try not to nominate a place for more than 3 categories.

  • You do not need to nominate some place for each category - pick 'em as you see 'em.

  • Please nominate based on first-hand experience - in other words, you've been there and you love it - not by seeing a place in pictures or in a blog.

  • Think of specific places, not general categories (Seoul Grand Park, not 'a park'; The War Memorial of Korea, not 'a museum'). Geographical areas such as Hongdae, Insa-dong, or Itaewon are acceptable, as are specific places within those geographical areas.

  • All places must be in Korea, whether mainland or island. I'm sure that place you saw in Japan during your vacation was beautiful, but it's not eligible here.

Without further ado, here are the categories:

  1. Best place for a first date

  2. Best place to see the stars

  3. Best place to read a book

  4. Best place to meditate / think / reflect

  5. Best place to get a quick bite to eat

  6. Best place to get away from kids

  7. Best place to catch a nap (other than your apartment)

  8. Best place to go shopping

  9. Best place to kill / waste time

  10. Best place to get away from it all

  11. Best place to take an overnight trip

  12. Best place to watch the sunset

  13. Best place to people-watch

  14. Best place to be on wheels (biking, rollerblading, etc.)

  15. Best place to take your parents if they visit Korea

Comments are open.

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