Back in Action

I'm back in the Special K, after three and a half weeks of tromping and boating through the jungles and hills of southern China and northern Laos. The trip was epic and glorious, as well as one of the most demanding I've yet done. It was hot and it was wet; the roads in Laos were tragically awful; it was physically taxing at times - we did a lot of hiking and biking in ball-busting tropical heat, which resulted in me breaking out in a tropical heat rash that nearly consumed my whole being. It's only now really subsiding, and that's after nuking it with direct sunlight and some medicine that actually works (beware of Lao and Chinese hospitals...).

I started work yesterday, which consisted of strolling into a class of students whom I've already taught and chatting with them for twenty minutes. My schedule is WAY easier this semester, which is nice after last semester's grind. The only downside is that it cuts into my pay, since I make a lot of money teaching extra kids classes and a lot of those are gone this time around, due to scheduling conflicts with my regular college classes. I'll grin and sigh and enjoy more free time this semester. I want to enroll in a three-night-a-week Korean class to level up my language skills (I've been in a holding pattern for the last year, it seems, and while my Korean is decent enough to get anything I really need, it's far from "fluent") and have time left over to write and write and write. And do the odd comedy show. And maybe start a new band. And hike on the weekends.

I posted a shitting jolly heapload of photos of the trip on facebook yesterday. This facebook thing is cutting into my "real" blog time, but it's a shorter form of the stuff, so these days I often toggle between the two. Some of the photos turned out great, despite the fact that I have a kind of crappy camera. I've also been commissioned (ordered?) to do some pieces for a new website for expats in Korea called the one one four and will link those when they come out. But be on the lookout HERE for another BIG travelogue about the trip, most likely to be published in sections, with sweet photos and rib-cracking anectdotes about our little jungle adventure. I'll hopefully have part one up in the next week or two.

Can you guess who shat their pants?