Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

And so begins the bonanza of wedding related material. This past week (Tuesday June 12th to be precise) I tied the knot with my handsome, intelligent and supportive boyfriend  husband.

The festivities began with a bachelorette picnic party on the beach. I was completely unprepared, and under-dressed, for 20 of my girlfriend to take me by surprise with their company and cooking. I will be honest – I was nervous when told that all the food was vegan. My friends have kind hearts and many talents, but cooking without eggs or milk is not easy the first time you try it and I feared it would put them off if it wasn’t delicious. Of course, it was delicious. Stuffed mushrooms, pasta salad, homemade salsa and corn chips, raspberries, chocolate rum balls, beet dip, hummus and bread… amazing delectable food not to mention the gin, glorious gin.

We sat on the beach celebrating my nuptials whilst joined by an impressive orange moon and dozens of other partygoers celebrating the mid-week national holiday. If you crank the brightness on the screen and squint your eyes tightly you can just make out my engagement ring.

As if I weren’t spoilt enough, on the following weekend. I was lucky enough to have a more provocative Bachelorette Party with my sister from New Zealand in tow. [If you're easily offended, do not look too closely at the this picture.]

In summary: My girlfriends can cook wicked food, are awesome company and know how to throw a damn good party.
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