Awesome Incheon Intl. Airport Amenities You Probably Didn’t Know About

IMG_3235Besides the fact that Incheon Intl. Airport is highly reputed as one of the best airports worldwide, how much do you know about it?

Besides the fact that it is rated as the world’s cleanest airport and the world’s best international transit airport according to Skytrax, there are whole lot more amenities you may not known before. So now, let’s explore and find out all the little-known awesome amenities that the Incheon International Airport has to make your travel way better! ;)

 1. Clean-Up Air (Laundry Service)

IMG_3308Drop by ‘Clean-Up Air’ if you need to keep your coat and clothes! This is the only place in Incheon  Intl. Airport that offers laundry service with excellent quality dry cleaning and laundry.IMG_3307Clean Up Air opens from 8:00 am til 20:00, and you can find it on the west side of the B1 Floor of Public Area.

2. Spa on Air (Sauna & Massage)

IMG_3287‘Spa on Air’ is a Korean style sauna, ‘Jjimjilbang,’ that is open 24/7 in Incheon Intl. Airport. Here, you can keep your baggage and also sweat out all the toxins and relax! It’s an ideal spot for passengers whose flight time is early in the morning and for those who arrive at midnight. The fee costs 15,000 KRW for daytime, and 20,000 KRW for night time. You can use a private sleeping room by prior arrangement. It is located on the east side of the B1 Floor of Public Area.

3. Inha University Hospital

IMG_3290In case of emergency, keep in mind that there’s Airport Medical Center Inha University on the east side of B1 Floor of Public Area. If you need any medical service, run down to this medical center. It also offers service in English for foreign travelers and visitors, so don’t worry about complications in communication. ;)

4. Fast Track

IMG_3222Incheon Airport has a great service called ‘Fast Track’, or ‘Priority Lane’ on the east side of the 3rd floor. It runs from 7:00 am to 19:00 am.IMG_3214With a Fast Track Pass, mobility-impaired passengers, such as pregnant women, disabled, seniors over 80, can enjoy quicker access to the security checks and to the boarding area.

5. Look Optical

IMG_3302Located on B1 Floor of Public Area, there’s a boutique called ‘Look Optical’ where you can find glasses, lens, and sunglasses that come in all sorts of styles.IMG_3304So if you lose your glasses or lens during the trip, try getting new one at Look Optical. :)

6. ASEM Geenia (Hair Salon)

IMG_3288Want a new makeover to your hairstyle? Incheon Airport has a hair salon, ‘ASEM Geenia’ where you can get a great hair cut, permanent wave, nail art and more! You can find it on the east side of B1 Floor of Public Area and it runs from 10:00 am til 20:00 pm.IMG_3285

7. Internet Cafe / Zones

IMG_3279If you are looking for free internet service, Incheon Airport has several internet cafes and zones both in the Regular Area and Duty-free Area. For example, Internet Cafe by Cafe Bene on the 3rd Floor of the Boarding Area offers free internet service, fax & print service, and coffee, too!

8. Photo Booth

IMG_3260In case you need to take an ID photo, there are photo booths on the 3rd Floor of Public Area near Check-in Counter G and F where you can instantly take passport photos.



9. Ice Forest (Skating Rink)

IMG_1581Have you ever seen an airport with an ice skating rink? Well, inside the Incheon Airport Transportation Center (CAT and KTX Station), there’s an indoor skating rink that is open all year-round, from 10:00 am til 20:00 pm. The skate rental fee costs 2,000 KRW for children, 3,000 KRW for teenagers, and 4,000 KRW for adults .IMG_3188FYI, children must be 6 years of age and older to use the skating rink and they must be accompanied by guardians. IMG_3182So, if you have spare time until your flight time, why don’t you enjoy family fun with your kids at this wonderful play space?

10. CGV Movie Theater


When you have plenty of waiting time till your flight, why not watch a movie? In Incheon Airport, there’s CGV Theater where you can watch the latest movie. You can find the theater in the Transportation Center (CAT and KTX Station).


Screening Time: Weekdays (09:00~25:00), Weekends (09:00~26:00)
※ Screening time can be adjusted by the theater.

11. Lost & Found Center

IMG_3298If you lose any of your belongings, run over to ‘Lost & Found Center’, where all the lost and found items are handled! Located on the west side of B1 Floor of Public Area, Lost & Found Center runs from 7:00 am til 22:00 pm.

12. Nursery Rooms

IMG_3204Pregnant women or guardians with an infant under age 3 may want to check out the nursery rooms in Incheon Airport. With nursing equipment, diaper changing tables to washbasins, and many more, these nursery rooms are equipped with everything you need for nursing! Plus, they are free!

13. Baby Stroller Rentals

IMG_3220Need free baby stroller or wheelchairs? IMG_3215You can rent wheelchairs and baby strollers at every information desk as well as Korean Air Family Care Service Office on the 3rd floor next to Gate 2. Just remember to return it at the boarding gate. ;)

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