Ask Dr.Kang - Most Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Vision Correction


Dr. Kang is a leading surgeon of BGN Eye Hospital SMILE LASIK center. He has vast experience in Laser Vision Correction surgeries and will answer today our patients` most common questions.

Dr. Kang, a patient from Russia, Aygul is particularly worried about pain during and after surgery. Here is her question:
Is it painful during surgery? And what about pain during the recovery period?

During surgery, there is no pain, as anesthetic eye drops are used. However, manipulations of surgical instruments or cold liquid sensation during irrigation may be felt. After surgery period of pain varies, depending on the type of the surgery. In most cases, SMILE and LASIK surgery causes discomfort only on the day of the surgery. But in the case of LASEK, pain may last from 2 to 3 days.

Roman from Canada is worried about astigmatism
“I heard astigmatism is hard to correct. Can Laser Vision Correction correct astigmatism?

Like myopia, astigmatism can be corrected with Laser Vision Correction. And most high to moderate astigmatisms are corrected well. However, if astigmatism is very large, a small number of patients may have small amount of residual astigmatism after surgery. Patients who have large amount of astigmatism often have little discomfort after surgery, if there is a small amount of residual astigmatism left.

Sierra from UK is wondering about secondary surgery possibility
I have done LASIK surgery several years ago back home, but my vision deteriorated again. Can I do SMILE surgery?” 

In the case of SMILE surgery, the secondary operation can not be performed with the same method. In the case of traditional LASIK, reoperation is possible with the same method, however, there is a high risk of inferior ingrowth under the LASIK flap, therefore, if myopia has progressed again, SMILE, LASIK, and LASEK are all re-operated with LASEK.

Daria from Russia would like to know more about surgery side effects:
What are the main side effects of Laser Vision Correction?

Dry Eye Syndrome and glares are the main complaints of the patients after surgery. Dry eye syndrome usually lasts several months but may last over one year in rare cases, depending on the patient`s daily environment. Glares gradually subside over time, but night glares can persist to a degree that does not interfere with daily life.

Yulia from Uzbekistan is worried about pregnancy after Laser Vision Correction. 
I am planning to get pregnant next year. Can I do Laser Vision Correction before pregnancy?” 

Laser Vision Correction before pregnancy is not a problem at all. Surgery is not recommended during pregnancy, as there may be certain changes in the cornea. Therefore, if there is a possibility that you are currently pregnant, it is recommended to postpone the Laser Vision Correction. It is recommended to have surgery at least 3 months after childbirth.


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