Apartment, Coffee, Seoul, and Such.

Hello Readers,

Sorry everyone for the hold up on a post.

Things have really settled down nicely, and now I find that I have sufficient time to write a blog.

I won't make it too long, even though there's been a ton of stuff going on .


I moved into my new apartment! I've been living here now for almost two weeks and it feels very nice. It's clean, it's cute, and it's a good size. I bought a bed and a desk, and I'm enjoying my space.

I still need a few more pieces of furniture (such as raised stools for the kitchen counter/bar) and some other chairs for company. My co-workers came over for birthday dinner a few nights ago and we stood up the whole time, haha. Well, those things will come when they can.

Seeing Seoul...oh...and Coffee!

Last weekend I traveled the 1 hour 45 minutes Seoul (by slow train) to meet SK. We spent the day out and went to see a bunch of different things. He showed me around well!

While waiting for SK at Seoul Station I sat in CAFFE PASCUCCI and had (you guessed it) a Cappuccino. I'm telling you, it was the absolute best one out of all of the (franchise) places I've tried so far.

Here are my personal (and non-detailed) ratings for the coffee quality (Cappuccino quality included) and atmosphere quality of some of the coffee places I've visited so far. (All scores are out of 10)

Atmosphere: 8
Coffee: 8.5

Atmosphere: 7
Coffee: 8

Atmosphere: 6
Cofee: 5 (their coffee really isn't that tasty.)

Caffe Pascucci
Atmosphere: 8.5
Coffee: 9.5

Cafe Bene
Atmosphere: 9
Coffee: 9

The Tree and Bicycle (This isn't a franchise coffee house, so you'll have to come visit me if you want some of their coffee and amazing atmosphere.) ;)
Atmosphere: 10
Coffee: 10

The Tree and Bicycle is a little expensive, but it's definitely worth it.

I'd love to own a place like that someday.


I'm officially down 8kgs. I'm hovering at 62 kgs, and hoping that I see the scale move again in the next week or so. This past weekend, because it was SK's last weekend before his 1 month basic training, I decided to go a little off plan. It messed with my weight loss, but It was worth it. Now I'm ready to get back on track and get to goal.

6kgs to go! Hoocha hoocha hoocha! Lobster! (10 bonus points to anyone who recognizes the reference).


I'll be taking the Beginner S-TOPIK exam in April. That gives me about 4.5 months or so to prepare. I don't feel too stressed out about it, but I know that the bigger jump will be taking the Intermediate level S-TOPIK only 5 months later (in September). Yoiks!

It can be done! It will be done!

In Other News

SK left for his Basic Military Training camp today, the 11th day of the 11th month. Pepero day, Ya'll. Neither of us eat candy that often, so it was kind of silly to buy chocolate, but it happened anyway. It ended up being shoved off on my students. They didn't mind. They eat chocolate like they breathe air... naturally and without thinking. Gobble gobble!

With Halloween and Pepero day being so close together it's amazing that these kids still have all their teeth by the end of each year.

Weekend Plans

This weekend I have plans to return to Seoul on Saturday for a field trip with my recruiting agency and some other foreign teachers. I'm looking forward to meeting some new peeps and having a good time in general in S-town.

I'll take pictures.

Anyway, here are some photos of my apartment AND picture of the week.


Photo Of The Week

Well, there you have it. The update!

More updates to come! Of course.

Until next post,



Re: Apartment, Coffee, Seoul, and Such.

Hey! Just some tips for the TOPIK (i have my level 5)

If you are taking the beginning test in april and the intermediate in sept, I hope you have already studied a LOT because the jump from beginner to intermediate is VERY big. You should try to take some practice tests before deciding whether to take it. Wouldn't worry too much about the beginner level if you have been studying a bit as its pretty basic and easy.

That said! Good luck on your test. I'll be taking it in April as well =D