Another Queer Weekend Gravity Bar Opening in Jongno and the Switch Meet Market

This weekend a new bar is opening in the Jongno Bar. Although the official opening isn't until October 2nd, there is a pre-opening this weekend with free anju! There tag-line is 'Don't blame gravity for falling in love' which is a bit adorable.

You can check out Gravity's page for more information and a link to their facebook event. Gravity is right out of exit 3 / exit 8 of Jongno 3 Ga.

Saturday night is The Switch Meet Market in Hongdae. This will be the 3rd anniversary of the Meet Market so it should be a pretty big deal. The Current Butch-hers will be passing on the torch to some new Butch-hers and a new MC (hence the name).

Anything else going on this weekend?