Affair with a button, Dongguk in Korea

So far today I have been asked if I have been to the doctor/hospital yet 4 times. It is only 9:15am and I arrived at work promptly at 8:40. People, I have a head cold. I swear I do not have H1N1. Seriously though I am feeling much better after going to bed until 9 and sleeping until 7am ....7:30. My snooze button and I are having an affair.

Not much on the news front though Dongguk University is trying to sue Yale for $50 million for falsely verifying a degree and the ensuing damages they suffered.  The whole thing is a bit funny.

Today I teach the 6th and 5th graders and by teach I mean repeat things when my co-teacher mispronounces my name. On the plus side, I enjoy hearing the students correct him. Oh, the small pleasures in life.