7 Brand New Ice Creams From Korean Convenience Store You Will Want to Try!

Time to get outside and enjoy the summer heat with cold desserts like ice cream beause it’s getting hot in South Korea. Sure Baskin Robbins, Natuur POP and Haagendaz are well-known brands, but if you are looking for inexpensive refreshments, head over to Korean convenience stores where you can find ice creams that are delicious and affordable.

Here are our picks for brand new ice creams you should try this summer in Korea!

1. Yours 25% Mango

SSI_20160529171228_VGS Convenience Store has recently released a premium ice dessert called Yours 25% Mango. It is an upgraded version that has changed the ingredient from yellow mango to Apple Mango with more rich mango flavor and taste. With 25% of real mango juice and condensed milk, this sherbet is gaining huge popularity among mango lovers. The cost is 3000 KRW.

2. Akma (Devil) Bingsu

13240032_522304461290315_1302106663507023890_nThe combination of chocolate and mint are almost as perfect a match as can be. Referred to as devil’s food, this refreshing mixture of ice dessert called Akma Bingsu is a layered wonder that you must try this summer. Same as Yours 25% Mango, it costs 3,000 KRW.

3. Slice Pop

58992_14657_5236These two brand new fruit-flavored frozen treats made from real blueberries and kiwis are perfect refreshment if you prefer fruit flavors over sugary and heavy chocolate ice creams. Each cost 2,500 KRW.

4. Gyeondyo-bar (Hangover Ice Cream)

견뎌바This unique hangover-fighting Korean ice cream, Gyeondyo-bar, has caught everyone’s attention recently. Try it for yourself to see if this extraordinary ice cream is really effective in curing your hangover! This hangover ice cream costs 1,200 KRW.

5. Cledor’s Salted Caramel & Choco Brownie

1KUX3I90AU_1Cledor, one of the Korean premium ice cream brands, has always offered their ice cream products in cups and bars. But, they have newly released ice cream cones that have two flavors, Salted Caramel and Choco Brownie. Each cost 2,500 KRW.

6. Tiramisu Ice Cream

2016531104247_8830Along with Akma Bingsu, this Tiramisu Ice Cream emerged as one of the must-try treats from GS Convenience Store. This tiramisu flavored ice cream in a mini cup is so popular that it was sold out as soon as it went on sale in several parts of South Korea. The cost is 2,500 KRW.

7. CU Miss Mango & Miss Pineapple

SSI_20160529171132_VThese two ice bars with tropical fruit flavors are brand new products that are released from CU Convenience Store. You can choose from mango and pineapple flavors and each cost 1,500 KRW. Without any additives, these two products are perfect for those who are looking for organic and  healthy ice desserts.

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