5 Painfully Hot, Spicy Korean Foods You Should Challenge

paprika-671961_1920How much do you know about Koreans’ love for spicy foods? Well, it’s easy to notice if you travel around South Korea, because tons of Korean foods either have chili pepper powder or paste in them. You will feel even more astounded because you’ll witness some Koreans enjoy these tongue-aching spicy foods and often challenge themselves!

So, today, we’ve put together a list of 5 insanely hot, spicy Korean foods that will make your tongue completely painful and even numb. Do not underestimate if you’ve only tried Kimchi, because these are burning hot!!

1. Dongdaemun Yeopgi Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice and Fish Cakes)toppokki-669635_1920

‘Tteokbokki‘ is probably the most popular dish (with rice and fish cakes and other recipes like egg or sausage) that Koreans love, and the original one already tastes quite spicy for first timers.img_hunting1But, for spicy lovers, we recommend this dish from a franchise called ‘Dongdaemun Yeopgi Tteokbokki,’ which will definitely burn your mouth! 5595f211adf2f6599b694bb6940d7bdcTip. Drink ‘Cool Piece’ or ‘Juicy Cool’, a sweet fruit flavor juice (refer to image above) and rice balls, that is served with the dish!

2. Buldak Bokkeum-myeon (Spicy Chicken Flavor Instant Noodle)

Critical but addictive! Watch out for this instant noodle with spicy chicken flavor called ‘Buldak Bokkeum-myeon‘. It tastes so tangy spicy that many people give up eating it in the middle of a challenge. We dare you to not cry

3. Maeundae Galbijjim (Braised Short-rib Stew)aaa_(3)

Galbijjim‘ is usually served in 2 flavors: sweet (similar taste to ‘Bulgogi’) and spicy. And the spicy Galbijjim from a franchise, ‘Maeundae‘, is a must-try spicy food. The boiling stew makes meat and vegetable even more unbearable, and your nose will not stop running!

4. Chakhan Nakji Bokkeum (Stir-fried Octopus)

subBimg1If you haven’t tried this spicy seafood dish made of ‘nakji’, or small octopus in Korean, yet, we recommend you to try it from ‘Chakhan Nakji‘, a franchise restaurant. It is very popular among spicy food lovers because not only it’s hot and spicy but also sweet and nutritious!

Tip. You’ll be served with rice and blanched bean sprout together when you order ‘nakji bokkeum’. Just take as much as you can handle and mix them all together with spoon (like ‘Bibimbap’). Another recommended menu here is ‘Nakji Pajeon (Korean style pancake topped with small octopus and welsh onion), which will help reduce pungency of spicy stir-fried octopus.subBimg6

5. Teumsae Ramyeon (Spicy Instant Noodle)틈새라면

Your mouth will be on fire when you try ‘Teumsae Ramyeon‘! If ‘Buldak Bokkeum-myeon’ is an instant noodle without soup, this one is with the soup that makes your tongue ache. This noodle, indeed, is ruthless. On its cover, it warns you that it is not going to give you any break!

Go ahead and challenge yourself with these insanely hot, spicy foods when you travel to South Korea! And don’t forget to take a look atTrazy.com, Korea’s #1 travel guide, which offers a whole lot of fun experiences and latest, trendiest things to do in South Korea. button_main

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