5 Hot Must-Have Items For A Winter Trip In Korea


Though the weather has been a bit warmer than last year’s winter, travelers and visitors especially those from countries with warmer climate should not underestimate how cold it can feel in Korea. So, for those who’ve never experienced snow or cold temperatures before, prepare yourself with these 5 hot, popular items that will help you beat the cold!

1. Pocket Size Heatable Toys

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Say goodbye to the dull, ordinary heat packs! Nowadays, heatable toys are the most popular items in Korea. From macaron-shape to the ones with designed by “Line Friends”, these heatable toys are very trendy and practical. And of course, they are extremely CUTE!!

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There are mainly 2 types: ones with the USB charger and the ones without. When using the first type, all you need to do is connect the USB to charge the battery and it’s ready for a use. If you buy the second type, put it in the microwave for 30 sec, and it’ll be warm enough for you to carry it around. ;) So, go and get yourself one of these pocket size heatable toys that will come in handy while traveling around Korea during winter!

Where to Buy: Line Friends Shop, Oliveyoung, LOHBS, and other drugstores around Korea or online.

2. Fashionable Masks

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Nowadays, masks with a unique design are one of the hottest fashion items for Koreans. They will keep your frozen face warm and make you look cool, too!

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3. Bohemian Outdoor Blankets fabric-1031932

People in Korea today tend to enjoy outdoor and leisure activities more than in the past. When going on a picnic, camping, fishing, you can see them carrying around outdoor blankets. Add these outdoor blankets on your packing list for this winter!

4. Warmers – Arms, Legs, Neckscold-70340

When temperature drops, you will probably want to cover up yourself from head to toe when traveling in Korea during winter. What you will need are warmers that’ll cover your arms, legs, and necks. To be honest, they are really warm, indeed!

5. Protect Your Phone – Sport Arm BandsA001383504_01

No need to worry when skiing or snowboarding in Korea if you have this great sports armband! So, don’t be afraid to enjoy outdoor activities. These sports armbands will protect your phone from dropping and help you concentrate on the fun! ;)12310637_1081794601830740_5162541829577501474_nNow, if you are ready to crush the cold, go hit the slopes at the finest ski resorts in Korea or visit one of the spectacular winter festivals that are taking place right now in Korea! There will be nothing to fear about cold if you have these items with you. ;)

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