5 facts about TOPIK, Korean language test, South Korea

The test of proficiency in Korean, TOPIK. The test is conducted four times in a year and twice in other countries for people learning Korean Language.
  • The test is divided in four parts vocablary, grammar,writing and listening. There is no oral session.the test has maximum score of 100. The test fees is different in different countries.
  •  There are two types of test Standard and Business test. The standard test has three types test:1-2 beginner (초급), 3-4intermediate (중급), and 4-5advanced (고급).
  • You can download the Sample test on the www.topik.go.kr.
  •  The test is writing section is really hard and the scoring in the writing essay is little hard i you are not confident in writing.
  •  The test results came declared after one month which can be seen on www.topik.go.kr. There are several Topik test guides available online. The test is more popular than KLPT. The test is taken in different countries.
 The test is important for the students learning Korean language, the people who wants a job in Korean govt or Korea job where Korean language is very important. Once you take up the exam, solutions of the exam will be uploaded on the website, hence you can check your answers. Later, they display the result on the website.
 The test is designed to check the ability of non-Koreans, with expressions and comprehensions. If you are still a beginner, I would suggest you take the KLPT exam first and then go for TOPIK. The TOPIK is harder than KLPT. Good luck for all the learners!