5 Best Rides & Attractions You Must Try in Lotte World

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If you are looking for entertainments and fun things to do in Seoul, try a visit to the most popular amusement park in the city, Lotte World Theme Park, or Lotte World.

Located in the eastern part of Seoul, this amusement park consists of the world’s biggest indoor theme park “Adventure” which is open all year around, and an outdoor amusement park called “Magic Island”. Along with its thrilling rides, Lotte World offers a variety of performances and festivals all year around! :)


It’s also really convenient to get there because it’s connected directly with Jamsil subway station (Line 2). For map and detailed directions, click here.

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There are plenty of thrilling rides and fun attractions you can enjoy at this amusement park, but for the first timers, we have picked 5 best rides and attractions in Lotte World that you must try. So, take a look! :)

1. Atlantis4

Atlantis is probably the most popular ride in Lotte World. It offers a super-speed ride with 72km per hour! Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy the ultimate thrill when this roller coaster rapidly soars 20m height at the speed of 72km/h and an angle of 72 degrees!

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Since this is the most popular roller coaster, the queue line is very long, so you better hurry up! Below is the video taken by a passenger who filmed it during the entire ride on Atlantis, so check it out! ;)

2. Flume Ride

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If you are going on the Flume Ride, be prepared to get splashed! With a jungle theme, you’ll feel like you’re exploring the Jurassic Era and get thrilled when the 4-seat log boat plunges into the waterfall. Don’t forget to smile and pose when you see a photo point!

3. Camelot Carousel

CM0255_3_kmainVisualCamelot Carousel is almost like a symbol or landmark of Lotte World. Though it may not offer you a thrill, but instead, it will offer you memories of childhood and a romance! Go ahead and enjoy the dreamlike ride with your beloved ones.

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Plus, this is the best spot for taking photos, so keep in mind. ;)

4. French Revolution

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Watch out when French Revolution roller coaster rotates 360 or 540 degrees! Your head will spin after the ride, but it’s totally worth riding it!

5. Gyro Swing

bg_hn1Last but least is the Gyro Swing! Sitting on a huge spinning wheel-shaped vehicle, you’ll be able to feel the utmost thrills when the aerial view of Seokchon Lake and the surrounding area is laid out in front of your eyes. Screaming and fear are guaranteed! ;)

Now, if you are ready to enjoy and feel the ultimate thrills, take your friends, lovers and families to Lotte World! The admission ticket with 25% discount is available here. :)button3

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