5 Awesomely Awesome Things: The Very Merry unBirthday Edition

Now before this gets confusing it’s not my Birthday, that was a few months ago.  Even though it wasn’t my Birthday, this past week it was 3 of my co-worker’s Birthdays in the span of only two days.  Needless to say I’ve had Birthdays on the brain, which is fine.

I love Birthdays.  So here are some things I find Awesomely Awesome about them.


1. Mail: 

I love Mail!  I love getting cards and letters and bits of awesomeness to brighten my day and adorn my walls.  Birthdays mean mail and especially far from home, they are that much more special.  Seriously, if you ever need to win me over, send me a card.  If you send me a package, I’ll love you forever.  Did I mention I like mail?

I even get excited for other people when they get mail, or their Mom sends me some honey from their farm in their birthday box.

2.  Friends:

Birthday’s are a perfect excuse to see those people who you don’t get see often enough,  hang with some of your favorite people, or expand your circle of friends.

This past weekend was a lovely celebration with some of Busan 2012′s finest.


3. Cake:

It’s time to get serious, birthdays combine some of my favorite things: mail, friends, and cake.

There is no question that I enjoy cake, but I will say, they do know how to make them pretty here.  They also know how to put tomatoes on cake, so I guess it evens out.


4.  Gifts:

I not only love getting gifts, who doesn’t, but I also love trying to find a great gift for someone else.  Although I will say as of late, the perfect gift for most people is a Sonny Angel doll. I freaking love those things.

Plus if it weren’t for birthday gifts, especially the great birthday extender known as the belated gift, I wouldn’t get to feel super international and fabulous as I loudly sip my tea in my awesome new Mate!


5. Feeling Younger:

I know it may sound weird, but birthdays often make me feel younger rather than older.  Eating gobs of frosting, cake for breakfast, tearing open wrapping paper, awesome surprises, BALLOONS, dressing up for parties, they all make me feel young again.


Maybe that’s why I love birthdays so much, because they bring back the awesomeness of youth for a day or a week depending on if you ascribe to ‘Birthday Weeks’.  Who wouldn’t want to sit and stare up at balloons on the ceiling, or try to grab all of them at once? Birthdays are Awesomely Awesome.


From Busan with Very Merry unBirthday Love,



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