5 Awesomely Awesome Things: Typhoon Edition

Today we had a Snow Day!!  Just kidding, it was a Typhoon Day!  But for a Hoosier like me who did not grow up with Hurricanes, or Typhoons, a random day off from school almost always because of snow.  This is my 2nd Typhoon Day this year and since nothing bad happened it is awesome, but chances are we won’t get any snow days.

So since I am in the house avoiding the wind and rain, my 5 Awesomely Awesome Things will be Typhoon themed.



I love you little munchkins, but it’s nice not to see you today!

This is totally the best part of the Typhoon, hands down. It makes me feel like a little kid again.  The anticipation that builds while waiting to hear if they’re going to cancel, feeling deliciously wicked by staying up late and sleeping in on a day you should be at work, all of it makes me feel like I’m back in Elementary School (in the best way possible).


2. Storms:

For a big part of my young life I hated storms and was terrified by them. Now that I’m older I love big thunderstorms. Since Busan doesn’t get much thunder, and since my neighborhood wasn’t too badly affected by the storm, it was nice to hear the wind rattle the windows a bit.


3. Cooler Weather:

This afternoon things looked down right pretty.

With this Typhoon, came a lot of cooler winds.  This is a wonderful reminder that fall is on it’s way. I hear talk of pumpkin and caramel at home, and the days are slightly less sweltering now, but few things make me excited for Fall’s arrival like a nice cool breeze.


4.Learning Things:

I love all the clouds!

Last night my Dad and I had this long conversation about when a storm is called a Typhoon versus a Hurricane. After doing some research, I can now tell you that a Hurricane is when a Tropical Cyclone is to the East of the International Date Line.  So that’s why the storms that hit America and the Caribbean are called Hurricanes; and, those to the West of the International Date Line are called Typhoons. Just another bit of knowledge that might one day help you win at Jeopardy.


5.  Stocking up:

Just in case you need some Ramen.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think there’s something fun about stocking up before a bit storm.  I like knowing that everyone else at the store is also buying a few things or setting aside some containers filled with water, just in case things get really bad.  It also reminds me of one of the blizzards growing up where the power went out and we stuck a few essentials like milk and other things from the fridge out in the snow to keep cold since the refrigerator wasn’t running.  It’s like camping at your own house.  As long as the storm isn’t too dangerous or horrible, it can be kind of fun.


From Busan With Typhoon Love,

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