5 Awesomely Awesome Things: Things That Make Me Happy

This week I’ve been feeling under the weather.  I ended up getting food poisoning which was not fun.  Since I’ve been cooped up a bit this week, I thought I would share a few things that have made this week a bit brighter.

Field Trips:

Field Trips are a nice break from a normal day, even if they do tend to turn the kids into zombies those afternoons.  This time we went to the English library.  It was nice, and was a good excuse for some quality one-on-one story time with some of the kiddos.

Seeing this picture shows just how much our school enrollment has exploded in the past few months. It’s really shocking to see the difference between the end of August above and our students in May and June.

It feels like we were this size both moments ago and light years away.

Keeper of Soles: 

While at the library, on one of the carts of books I found a weird book called “Keeper of Soles”.  I was first drawn to the cover before I even noticed the title. I thought the Ingmar Bergman reference was great and it was a really good book with dark humor.  Probably not the best for most ESL learners since the language was a bit outdated, but I really liked it.

The story is about a shoemaker who keeps death at bay for years by making him shoes each time he visits.  The sandals are my favorite since the footprint they make are in the shape of coffins.  I really liked it and I’m going to have to look for a copy when I get back to the States.

Doctor Who:

This weekend my apartment was in desperate need of a deep clean, and I found the best motivation for me to get it done.  The Doctor!

I’ve been so excited for the new season of Doctor Who to start, that I would not let myself watch it until my apartment was clean.  Needless to say, the cleaning happened a lot faster than it would have under normal circumstances.  The Doctor paired with a huge ice tea that I found in the basement grocery store of the Lotte Department store was exactly what I needed to get stuff done.

Happy Hippy-

I’m addicted to Lush Cosmetics.  This week I sort of caved and bought a delicious smelling body wash called Happy Hippy.  It smells like grapefruits and sunshine.

It definitely makes me happy.

Unexpected Gifts:

Yesterday and today I got some wonderful, unexpected gifts.

Yesterday I got the cutest little Panda pouch from my friend Heather.  I still haven’t decided what is cute enough to put in it.  Then today, I got some amazingly delicious dried mangoes from my student Holly who just got back from vacation in the Philippines and my co-worker who is leaving soon gave me her balance ball so I now have a new seat for my desk.

Even though I got really sick this week,  there have still been some great things that made it pretty awesome.

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