5 Awesomely Awesome Things: Accessories Edition

 I have never been one to wear tons and tons of jewelry, but recently it seems I've been stocking up on some really cute things both in Korea, and in Japan.

Even thought I wasn't there very long, and I loved everything I saw, I will say my favorite place in Tokyo was hands-down Harajuku.  While I was there, I bought some awesome accessories and wanted to share the cuteness.  The majority of today's Awesomely Awesome Things I found in Harjuku, and some other things along the way.

1. The Sweet Escape

I got this ring in Harajuku and they had a few keyboard key rings but since the only child in me is already focused too much on "CTR" or control, I figured Escape was a better plan.  Plus everything is better when it's hot pink- even shoes.  My students especially like this ring.  They've decided when they push it I should freeze like a statue, I play along... sometimes.

2. The Cutest Glasses in the World

While in Harajuku, I found the most amazing glasses on Earth!  Only in Japan can you find glasses that make you look like "Hello Kitty".  I was debating between a white pair without lenses but with whiskers, and a pair of black frames with lenses but only a bow on top.  I even went so far as to ask a random girl who was looking at necklaces next to me which one she preferred.  She liked the white ones, and so did I.  Plus I figure a lot of Koreans wear the fake glasses without lenses, so why can't I?  It is kind of horrible that I have to put in contacts to only top it off by fake glasses, but I look so awesome it's totally worth it. 

3. Accessories as Different Accessories: Part 1

Because Hello Kitty frames weren't enough, I also bought earrings in the shape of glasses.  I don't know what happened, but I was on a bit of a glasses kick in Harajuku.  I LOVED Harajuku, it had such awesomely fun and cutesy things.  If I didn't have plans to go to the national museum later that day, I would've easily spent a few more hours (and way more money) there.  I loved that these earrings came in 2 different colors even though they were a pair.  I don't wear earrings very often, but these ones are so cute, I make an exception.

4. Accessories as Different Accessories: Part 2

I really have a love of things being used for purposes beyond their original intent- namely to make me look cute.  On Saturday while I was walking to a friend's house, I passed a random concert.  Once I fought my way past the dance contest, I found a lot of vendors.  And even though I was kind of late, I  stopped by this girl selling these awesome zipper bracelets.  It reminded me of this cool guy I met in Seoul 2 years ago who made his own earring out of a zipper pull.   I bought one and I love it, but I do wish I would have got her email address.  This girl makes all of these super cool zipper bracelets herself in a wide variety of colors and styles.  I really do wish I had her number or email or something.  The one I got is gold and silver and they wrap around each other.  I also really love mixing something hard and metallic with a flowy dress.  Contrast is cool! Basically, it's my newest favorite thing.

5. Robots!

I've loved my sliver robot necklace for at least a year now.  I bought it from ModCloth.com and I wear it probably at least once a week.  It's one of my most worn pieces of jewelry.  I often justify wearing it since I work with kids.  It's cute, subtly weird, and it can dance with it's little moving legs.  Plus, robots are super cool! 

It's weird that some days I don't wear any jewelry, and some days I wear quite a bit.   On the days when I do, there's a pretty good chance that at least some of it is going to be cutesy and awesome. 

From Busan with Awesome Accessory Alliteration Adoration,

From Roam with Love