3 Unique Indoor Activities You Must Try In Seoul


bored-16811_1280When winter comes around, you might easily feel blue and bored. So, for those of you who don’t want to go outdoors, here’s the ultimate selection of indoor activities you can try in South Korea and beat the winter boredom!! ;)

1. Craft a Special Souvenir with Korean Traditional Paper 

_IGP2609If you are looking for a special, one of a kind souvenir in South Korea, why don’t you try making it instead of buying it on the street or from a store?한지추억 (4).jpgTry making a Korean traditional craft with your own hands in the very heart of Insa-dong, the traditional district in Seoul! For details and directions, click here.다운로드Speaking of ‘Hanji’, it’s an incredibly strong, fibrous paper made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree and the root of hibiscus. You will be enamored with the true beauty of Hanji craft once you try this activity.

20150904_1547 Hanji Craft (2) 20150904_6379

With the help of the master craftswoman, you will be able to make various kinds of souvenirs such as flower lamp, jewelry box and cubic lamp! If you want to sign up, click here.

2. Make Your Own Custom Ring

IMG_2935 KakaoTalk_20150417_154039193 IMG_2939

Making a DIY custom ring is a popular new trend among young stylish people in Seoul. It became a smash hit after Korean celebrities, Gain and Jo Kwon, made their own matching rings on a reality TV show called “We Got Married”.DIY Ring (1)You can choose the size and style of the ring, and engrave initials or words. Everything’s up to you! For details, click here.

1. Measure the size of your finger Choose an engraving tool 3.이니셜도장 찍기 4.양끝 줄질하기 5.열처리하기(선생님이 해주세요) 6.둥글게 말기 7.은땜하기(선생님이 해주세요) 8.사이즈체크하기 9.망치질로 사이즈맞추기

The image above shows how your one and only ring is created! ;)

3 DIY Ring (2)

So, spare one day with your beloved ones and design your own ring at a workshop in Hongdae (Hongik University Area) called Banji Market!SAMSUNG CSCYou’ll have the best time with friends, family and your significant one. For details and directions, click here.

2. Traditional Korean Hanbok Experience

Goguan Studio (1) Started in 1962 as a Hanbok Shop, ‘Goguan Studio‘ now has become one of the most popular places to try Korean traditional clothes, ‘Hanbok’, and experience Korean culture.goguan1The studio offers a selection of 300 different Hanbok as well as hair ornaments that you can try on! Awesome, right?10733845_466046653534487_3380432070808116372_oIn winter, the studio is relatively quiet than in summer, so now is the perfect time for you and your friends and family to visit this studio! ;)6Go ahead and pick your favorite Hanbok and take your best shot! You can enjoy this experience at a discounted price here.

At any rate, if you want to find out the latest, trendiest things to do, browse through Korea’s #1 Travel Guide, Trazy.com, where you can find one of a kind activities that you can’t do elsewhere but only in South Korea! :Dbutton_main

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