2S2 is growing!

What started out as one humble 2S2 group is now three groups - one of which is going two different ways. Check out the group closest to you:

Anguk station / Seoul: The oldest, and the one most people know of. Those interested in seeing pictures will be off to Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, where a photo exhibit of National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry awaits. If the name doesn't ring a bell, this picture might (from here):

Those able and brave enough to donate blood will be headed to do just that. In case you haven't heard, a 19-year-old Korean boy has a rare blood type for Koreans - B-negative - and foreigners have been encouraged to donate. To put the rarity of this type in perspective, only 2% of Caucasians are B-. 1% of African Americans and Hispanic have the blood type, but only 0.4% of Asian have it (source: Red Cross). If you don't know your blood type, ask your mom :) There's plenty more information on the Facebook page, or read up on Roboseyo for a few hoops you'll need to jump. This is one opportunity to truly 'give back' to Korea.

Suwon: If you're living in the Suwon area or don't want to trek up to Seoul just to meet with some other foreigners, this is one place to be. Check out their Facebook page for all the details. They'll be taking a trip / tour through the Suwon area, seeing part of Hwaseong Fortress, and enjoying the sights that Suwon has to offer.

Wonju: The Wonju Wife will be wheeling, winning, and getting wound up with coffee. No more W's for awhile. The poster says it better than I can:

Whichever event you get to this weekend, enjoy it!

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