2S2, February style

Roboseyo graciously allowed the Lady in Red and I to host February's 2S2 event - something I'm proud to say went ahead very well. Our first stop was The Swing for a beginner's lesson in swing dancing - something that might come in very handy later.

Before long, the ten of us made our way to A Twosome Place - where every 2S2 meets - for some excellent coffee and conversation.

The first major highlight was 마나님 - an excellent restaurant in Samcheong-dong known for its fermented food.

OK, so the 싸실보쌈 wasn't fermented, but most of the side dishes were:

Next stop: the Ice Gallery just down the road.

It's comprised of both an ice gallery to walk through and a room for ice carving. The ice gallery is best visited first:

You can walk through the area fairly quickly, but take advantage of everything there is to see:

Slide! Slide! Slide!

A few carved scenes showed a more traditional view of Korea, albeit one made of ice.

Next stop - ice carving:

Before letting loose with the chisels, however, a friendly guide shows us how to carve this big ice cube into a mug or a wine glass. Even though she demonstrated the process in a mere three minutes, we took a bit longer to carve our creations.

Once finished, the staff rinsed our mugs / cups off, poured in some orange soda, and handed out the straws. If you're so inclined you can get your creation packaged up to take home with you, or just leave it on the counter and say thanks.

Our last stop was returning to The Swing (near Sinsa station) for some swing dancing. Although attendance was a bit lighter than normal due to the holidays, everyone that went ended up having fun.

Next month's 2S2 will be under Rob's hand again - save March 13th on your calendar.

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