Last year before my birthday I completed my life list. I have some updates!

25. visit all 5 of Korea’s National Treasures

Korea has way more that 5 National Treasures, in fact hundreds. And so far I have seen two of them. I will aim for 5. Easily done before next summer.

Seokguram Grotto

Changgyeonggung Palace

41. dance in the rain with all my girlfriends✓

It was the summer after I graduated college. I went to a party with some girlfriends. It started pouring rain. I insisted that we dance in it. The rain was coming down so hard it felt like a massage, we danced and danced and danced. It wasn’t all my girlfriends, but it was some very dear ones. And I grant that to be a life long memory.

42. continue to care for and keep the tree I planted in 1st grade

{it was a seedling when i came home from school with it }

58. have an enjoyable lunch with my mother✓

It wasn’t lunch per say. It was breakfast. But for the first time in my life I saw her exhibit compassion and love. And it was overwhelming to see and realize that maybe she wasn’t a monster. She had made breakfast for my grandparents and I. Knowing how I like my coffee, which my Grandfather had to have told her.  But she was so nice, and genuine. It was a huge relief in my chest and mind to realize that people can change.

59. truly wholeheartedly forgive✓

so this has a lot to do with number #58, but also lots of other relationships. i wanted to feel the relief and truth of actual forgiveness. to know that it was possible in the worst of situations. i have made amends with past friendships since i have lived abroad, and grown as a person, and i believe that i am capable of forgiving, wholeheartedly.

61. have someone surprise me at the airport✓

I was flying from Tennessee to Iowa for Christmas visiting. I was on the phone walking through the Memphis airport. I told the person I was talking to, wow there is a guy in the waiting area looks just like my Dad, with a guitar and everything. I laugh. Get closer , and realize it is MY DAD! He has planned for his flight from Colorado and mine from Nashville to meet up in Memphis.

63. be kissed passionately by a {semi} strange

this is silly, i must have just watched a wonderful romance or something. anyways no need for this, i have someone in my life, and i really don’t want to be kissed by anyone else.

Here is my life list if you want some inspiration for yours….