26 Acts

That's right, 26 acts of the student exhibition this evening. Estimated time frame: 6pm -9 or 10. My co-teacher gave me an out if I'm too 'tired' to attend I can go home. As bored as I may or may not be I have to attend. It doesn't exactly give a good impression to the students (or their parents) about how much I care if I can't be bothered to show up to their performance. I think that the singing/dancing/drumming/fan dance stuff will be fun though I will admit that I will probably have to fight dozing off during any speech recitals. I wonder if I can get away with doodling in my notebook during the performance. Probably not but it's a nice thought.

Class was unexpectedly canceled again this morning for a rehearsal but I might actually teach this afternoon! In the mean time I can study and do my homework from Korean class last night. Soon I shall be able to give more complicated directions than 'right, left, straight, here, and there.' There are actual sentences involved in my future!

Spaz update: ZERO. Then again, it's only 9:33am.