November is half over, and so is National Novel Writing Month.  Thankfully, I am still on schedule and half way to the month’s target of 50,000 words. Most of the time I still can’t believe that I’ve gotten has far as I have, and then at other times I am sure I’ll finish before the November 30th deadline.  I also still get really giddy when I see the bar graph chart of my stats grow with my increasing numbers, as well as when I open up my word document and the page numbers and word count grow really fast as it’s all being added up.


Before the month began I will say that part of me was really worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up before I started this thing, or that it would take so much time that I would be unable to do anything else. Thankfully writing is not the only thing I’m doing.  I was fearful that this month I’d basically have to cut myself off and stay in my writer cave only to emerge for work. I definitely am writing a lot more, although not as much here, which is something I regret, but trust me, I am writing a lot more than usual.  I am still really shocked and pumped even with it being half way over.  Since I am so excited by all of this I wanted to share some stats.

Days writing: 15
Words Written: 25,344
Pages: 59
Chapters: 4
Future Chapters Fully Outlined: 0  (at least I’m honest)
Chapters Left: Unknown
Times I Can’t Believe I’ve Written So Much This Month: 4,362

Number of Times I Randomly Took Photos of Myself in Cafes with my Webcam While Trying to Write: 4
Cups of Tea/Cocoa/Coffee I’ve Had: roughly 5,000

This month has definitely stoked my creative fires and I hope many of you are also finding ways to be creative.

From Busan with Literary Love,


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