247 Lounge Bar


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You see it there on the second floor. The patio windows are open and house music is blaring out. The bar is all dark, except for some laser lights swirling around and a strange glow, but that’s about all you can see from street level.

You don’t usually go to bars like this, but you and your friends decide to check it out anyway. You go up the stairs to the second floor, past all of the Absolut Vodka neon signs on the stairs, and around the corner where you can look over the threshold and into the bar.

You see what you saw from outside: neon lights along the underside of the bar and more lights behind the bar, illuminating the liquor bottles. White vinyl couches are everywhere, along with cushy white vinyl bar stools. At some tables, there are groups of Koreans with bottle service at their tables. It looks expensive. You turn to your friends to ask if you guys should go in, or if you should leave, but the music is too loud to talk, so you just shrug. Your friend nods, and you go inside and take a table by the open patio doors overlooking the street.

A waitress delivers a menu to your table. The first couple pages are all bottles – Absolut Citron, Absolut Vanilla, Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker Red, Blue, etc. They’re all 160,000 won or so. You start getting nervous and think about leaving. But then your friend turns to the third page and you see cocktails. Everything is 7000 or 8000. They also have bottled beer starting at 5000 for a Budweiser. That’s more like it. You order a Black Russian and your friends order a Long Island Iced Tea and a Hurricane. The waitress brings you pretzels, which taste surprisingly good.

Your drinks eventually come, and you sit back on the comfy couches and you look around, soaking up the high-roller atmosphere. It’s way nicer than the crappy Hofs you usually hang out in. You can’t really hear each other talk, but none of you seem to mind. Everyone feels good, and it’s the perfect start to a night out.

Directions: Haeundae Exit 1. Walk out the exit and take your first right. Follow that road down the street for a few blocks, almost to the busy street that goes along the beach. You’ll see a big white glowing sign on your right on the 2nd floor, and you’ll probably hear the music. That’s it! 247 Lounge Bar. http://247bar.co.kr for more info.

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