24 hours in Seoul

David, Amanda and Brandon and Myself headed to Seoul this weekend to see the sights of Seoul and to celebrate Amanda’s birthday. We left  Changnyeong on Saturday morning around 11.30. It takes 4 hours to get to Seoul. The bus is really comfortable  and it only costs 20.000 won each way. Get value! When we arrived in Seoul we took the subway straight to Insadong and checked into a Love Motel. The room cost 35.000 won. This is amazing for the location and the fact that it was Saturday! We spent the rest of the day shopping around Insadong and Myeongdeong. We ate many delicious snacks.  In the late evening we headed to Itaewon and ate in an American dinner. The food was gorgeous. Then after this we went to a British style pub and then to a Canadian Pub.  After a few drinks and more snacks we headed back to our Motel.

The next morning we were up and exploring by 10am. We done some more shopping in Insadong and then walked along Cheonggyecheon Stream and viewed Seoul’s Lantern Festival. After this we headed to Dongdaemun Market and bought a selection of fabrics. I am going to start a new hobby of making bags etc! After buying a ton of fabric we headed to Gwanghwamun Square and here there was a Flea Market. After we all bought some some random items, we made our way to Gyeongbokgung Palace. I really love this Palace. It is so beautiful and extremely big. We only got to explore around 40% of the grounds before it was time to make our way back to the bus terminal.

After walking back to Insadong we picked up our bags from the Motel and then took the subway back to the bus terminal. We got the 5.05pm bus back to Chnagnyeong. We arrived in Changnyeong at 9pm. We jumped straight into our car and went to bed! I had a great 24 hours ‘ish in Seoul. I can’t wait to return.