23 Times Your Expat Life Was Like An Episode of Friends


That time when you didn’t know what to do after college,

so you decided to live and work abroad:

That time when you moved into your new apartment single-handedly, but still thought: PIVOT!

That time when you met a native whose “English name” was a random compilation of words:

That time when you made your first native friend and couldn’t wait to go tell someone:

That time when you accidentally called a friend or coworker by the wrong name:

That time when all your coworkers started celebrating or clapping,

and you did too without knowing why:

That time when you ate way too much local food and totally didn’t care:

That time when your thirst for adventure and homesickness

gave you a love-hate relationship with your expat life:

That time when you denied how overwhelmed you were by culture shock:

That time when your non-English speaking neighbor asked you to “keep it down:”

That time when you almost adopted one of the strays around your apartment:

That time when a native completely violated your personal space bubble:

That time when you tried a new hairstyle in order to fit in more:

That time when you bonded with a fellow expat about all the things you like about your new country, as well as all the things that drive you nuts:

That time when a native complimented you on your foreign language skills:

That time when your dating life came to a screeching halt:

That time when you tried to flirt with a native:

That time when the native actually flirted back:

That time when your friends from home brought you up to speed on the latest gossip:

That time when those same friends ate your favorite meal while Skyping with you:

That time when you got a care package

and your expat friends pleaded for a bite of Kraft Mac N Cheese:

That time when you learned a new phrase that made your daily life SO much easier:

That time when you thought how glad you were to be living a life of adventure and travel:

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