2023 Cherry Blossoms

It’s been several months since I have made a post here and even a podcast for some reason. However, I seem to have got some more energy recently and have decided to make an effort to put out some more content. Hopefully, I can keep it going for a while.

As I look out my back window here in Ulsan, South Korea, I can see that the blossoms are long long…. way gone and have been replaced by flowers of all sorts here. This truly is a beautiful time of year to be in Korea. The weather is nice and the recent rain has washed away most of the fine dust that was building up around the city.

However, I still think about the weekend I managed to get out and enjoy the Jakcheon Cherry Blossom festival. I was camping in the area and walking over to enjoy the cherry blossoms at night. It was a great time and one of the few places that I actually ventured out to capture. It’s been a while since I have gotten out like that.

With the pandemic seemingly over and mask restriction all but gone here in Korea, the festivals are finally back. That also means that there are tons of people everywhere. What this means for the average person is that parking is at a premium and crowds are common at even the most basic of attractions.

Seosaengpo Waeseong Fortress

That being said, I still enjoy this time of year and I really love the cherry blossoms around the country. One of the places that I enjoyed visiting was the the Seongsaengpo Waeseong Fortress. This is a Japanese fortress that overlooks Jinha Beach and the surrounding area.

Only fortress walls remain but it is an interesting look into the history of the area. The historical site comes alive during the spring when the blossoms bloom highlighting the stone walls that just out from the mountain above the village.

While this historical site is a good place to visit year round, spring is arguably the best time to visit. However, now that the blossoms are pretty much gone, do not feel disappointed. It still offers some great views and probably a decent spot for some sunrise photography from a unique vantage point.

JakJeong Cherry Blossom walk

With the covid restrictions lifted, the Cherry Blossom walk and the respective festival was a huge success. There were tons of people this year.

Much like last year, I camped out at a nearby campground and walked over during the evening. I just missed the fireworks show but they were not the star of the show, the blossoms were.

This was a great time. I met a few people and actually ended up teaching a couple of ajummas some basic photography tips. It was a great evening and I was very happy with the shots that I got from that night.

The bottomline is that this year was a busy one but I am just glad that I got out and could enjoy the cherry blossoms. I hope that you enjoy these shots and I really hope that you all got out as well.

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