2016 Cherry Blossom Festivals in Seoul

allowto_freedownload_snap_1558Spring is (finally!) here and it’s the perfect time for you to go outdoor and enjoy picnics with your friends and family beneath the cherry trees while thousands of pink petals dance in the air. There are many places where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in the wonderful city of Seoul, South Korea. So go ahead and see for yourself the spectacular scenery at cherry blossom festivals that will take place in Seoul in 2016!

1. Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

13556499865_03ac18ca51_z.jpgYeouido Cherry Blossom Festival is the most famous cherry blossom festival in Seoul. It has a nice scenery and many cherry blossom trees but it’s very, very crowded with many people. Take enough time to get to the place and be careful not to miss your accompanies.13556614783_009df95c5d_z

2. Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival

allowto_freedownload_snap_654This cherry blossom festival in Seokchon Lake started 4 years ago and has became more and more popular. There are even a variety of performances, exhibitions and activities. The festival lasts only 3 days so don’t miss it!allowto_freedownload_landscape_644

3. Namsan Cherry Blossom Festival

n-seoul-tower-springHow about admiring the beautiful cherry blossom scenery at Namsan Park in spring?  While walking up to Mount Namsan, you and your significant one will definitely fall in love with the spectacular array of pink colors on the way.13645503723_c5c002e774_z.jpg

  • Where? Mount Namsan
  • When? To be determined
  • Best Spot? Namsan Park

allowto_freedownload_snap_1590.jpgPlus, don’t miss out to drop by N Seoul Tower (also called Namsan Tower), located on the top of Mount Namsan in the heart of Seoul. At the observatory, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular 360 degree view of the entire city of Seoul. You can also find thousands of love padlocks which add more romantic vibes to the place. The admission ticket to N Seoul Tower Observatory is available here.

4. Walkerhill St. Festival

7986040395_6636b31fb0_b.jpgThe Walkerhill St. Festival is held by the Walkerhill Sheraton hotel, which is located near Achasan Mountain. The route is well known as one of the most scenic drives you can find in Seoul as well.jeju-island-725172

  • Where? Achasan Mountain
  • When? To be determined
  • Best Spot? Walkerhill road along the Sheraton Grand Walkerhill hotel

24681453871_51a0debf70_z.jpgFYI, Achasan Mountain is also a popular hiking spot where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city from the top. There’s a beautiful octagonal pavilion on the way up, so try stopping by.

5. Children’s Grand Park

cherry-815630_1920This park is where visitors can admire a stunning scenery of colorful flowers in spring. What’s even more fascinating? The admission fee is free! So feel free to visit with your family for a picnic or with your lover for a date.

  • Where? Children’s Grand Park
  • When? To be determined
  • Best Spot? Actually, everywhere in the grand park is the best spot. ;)

6. Suyang Cherry Blossom Festival

tree-335296_1920.jpgAt the Seoul National Cemetery, there are special cherry blossom trees called ‘Suyang cherry blossom tree’, which look like a weeping willow. Along with splendid cherry blossoms, you will be able to watch a parade of soldiers if you visit during the festival.18292203409_2d1604bcf7_b.jpg

10789043536_854dd474ab_bIf you are interested, check out our list of 2016 Cherry Blossom Festivals around South Korea as well! :)

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