바늘 이야기 Needle Story~ Knit & Crochet theme cafe in Edae

This week I discovered a new Korean theme cafe right by my bus stop in Edae~ 바늘 이야기 Needle Story!!   This is a Knitting / Crochet themed location and is a GREAT spot if you are here in Korea and fond of that craft!  Yes, it is a cafe~ but it is so much more as well ♥

If you are looking for where to buy crochet yarn & supplies in Korea this place is definitely of interest for you!

Banul (means Needle) is an online community founded by 송영예 for sewing, crochet, and any related products or materials here in Korea. It is where people can post tutorials, lessons, reviews, forum competitions, and share information with each other + also serves as an online marketplace for supplies throughout the country.

♥ ♥ ♥

Since the site is quite large and successful they have finally branched out and opened several Banul Story locations throughout Korea so that people have a physical location they can visit as well, when shopping for supplies it really does make life a lot easier to see the items in person lol.

Seoul had 10 shop locations, but the Edae building is the “home base” and the most impressive because it is a cafe, offers classes, has a huge shop, displays work, and has a very large book section as well~ the selection is wonderful and the space is so large!!

Check out the knitted light covers and large wall art throughout the location~ so awesome!

Lots of beautiful finished work on display to inspire shoppers

The selection of supplies at this cafe/shop was really impressive for Korea, they had just about everything under the sun from the looks of it! Most brands had a dedicated section on the wall and came in every color and texture I could wish for~  If I could crochet that is ^^; haha I have never tried, but I really should

Yarn brands sold included King Cole, Schoeller, Phildar, Sirdar, Filatura Di Crosa, Sublime, Ski Yarn, and many more.

They had shelves filled with Japanese books for sale, they really have the best crafting books in the world and are always filled with such great illustrations that sometimes you can get away with not reading the language at all.

They also had books published in Korea and the USA, I have never seen so many knitting and crochet books in one location before. Most craft stores I go to usually just have a handful of choices max, this was like a mini library ♥


They also had a very nice selection of international magazines available for purchase + I believe I saw a few back issues for sale as well.

Along with the piles and piles of yarn choices, they also had every other piece of gear you could want or need for working!

In the back corners they had long hallways with a classroom or two at the end~  this location had three types of classes listed…


Hobby Class – You consult with the instructor and pick a piece you want to recreate.
The instructor will guide you through how the piece is made. (12만원 for 3 months )


Doll Crochet class-  Course on how to make 5 simple dolls, a beginners, mid-level, and experienced class is offered.
Takes place once a week for 4 weeks  (15만원 For one month)


Theory 1+2 Class – for intensive creators, complex patterns, and people wishing to run a crochet business.
The times vary depending on the demand  (130만원 – 3months )


Ah~ if I had more time I would totally try out the doll one! Little crochet dolls are so cute *_*

The cafe was located in the front and had a very nice selection of drinks, snacks, and lunch-type items!  Prices seemed quite reasonable considering cafes in Seoul can usually cost an arm and a leg just for a smoothie.  They had lots of combo specials as well which was nice~

Lots of yummy sandwiches and bread bowl soup to pick from!

The posted flavors for soup currently are Broccoli Cheese, Danish Cream Soup, and Cream Chowder!

Outside they had several tables set up, plus a few small areas to sit at downstairs. Throught our visit we saw lots of girls coming and going that sat quietly and sipped coffee while they knitted on projects ♥ It was a very nice and quiet atmosphere.

Upstairs they had more seating + self-serve water

Nara and I waited for our food to come out, it actually took about 15 min and was fresh and warm when we finally got it.  Since we had so much to look at downstairs at the shop I really did not mind waiting so long~

Nara ordered a chicken salad sandwich which came on squid ink bread.  He said it was really good!

I ordered a bread bowl of brocollie and cheese soup~  I love soups, but it is so hard to find good ones in Korea (they are always too milky and thin) this one was quite nice though and did not taste like a canned soup for once, so I really think they make these in-house! yay!

The bread was my favorite part though~ it was thin, chewy, and crispy! mmmmmm

As you can see, the seating upstairs is actually quite limited as well~ just a very skinny area available which surprised me!  I guess they need all the room they can get for the classrooms at this location.

Directions to 바늘 이야기 Needle Story

바늘 이야기 Needle Story~ Shop, classes, & cafe Edae location

Address: 서울시 마포구 대흥동 12-33 캠프21빌딩 1층

Hours: 10am-8pm every day

Official site HERE

Edae Site HERE

Needle Story is another very easy cafe to get to ♥  If you are coming from the Metro you are going to want to take the Green Line #2 to Edae Station and use exit#6.  Once you exit, simply walk straight down the street a ways till you hit the cafe on your left, it is a large location so it should be very hard to miss!

♥ ♥ ♥

Banul has 10 other shops in Seoul (and others outside of the city as well) but they are all very different and have different hours and offer different things, most are just small supply shops open just a few days a week.  Check out the website for a full list of locations and addresses~ but if you have a choice the Edae one is the best by far out of all of them since it is the main center!

I am super tempted to take a class once I get more free time (someday) do you like knit or crochet crafts? Lots of young mothers visited the cafe to knit baby clothing… seems a bit cliche, but I can totally see myself trying that someday haha. Crafting like that is so relaxing~ so I see the appeal!  If you visit this cafe after seeing the post lemme know how you liked it ♥ apparently they do coffee art here as well, but I have not ordered any yet to see for myself!


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