‘Kibot’ robot teaches Korean toddlers to read, sing and speak in multiple languages

The South Korean telecom company KT recently released the Kibot, a robot designed to teach toddlers how to read, sing and speak in different languages. In a country where becoming fluent in English is almost a prerequisite for gaining admission at the most prestigious private schools, the Kibot is a great way for working parents to make sure their toddlers are getting the education they need.

ABC News reports that this foot-tall interactive toy has the face of a monkey, has video functions that allow parents to monitor their children on their smartphones while they are at work. By tapping a card on the monkey’s nose, the children can call their parents, who can then direct the Kibot around the house to see what is going on at home.

One of the major selling points of the Kibot, however, is that when it is left idle, it moves around on its own to look for the children and initiate playtime. The educational games and programs can be easily downloaded onto the Kibot, which ABC News notes is possible because 98 percent of Korean homes have broadband access, making South Korea one of the most connected countries in the world.

The Kibot is currently being sold for 485,000 won (that’s $450).

Watch the Kibot in action below:

[Photo: ABC News]