What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?



MBC, one of Korea's major TV networks, recently aired a piece called The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners.  It has generated a lot of  discussion in the expat community. What's your view?


Re: What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?

I think its a proganda piece before the election . Used to slander Western people

Some people in Korea dont like a native teacher in every elementary school . So they are trying to damage natvie teachers image .  They want to get rid of that law .

New laws come in affect before and after a new president comes into office . Now big marts such as   homeplus   costco     emart   lotte mart   must close twice a month on sunday . This is due to the pressure of traditional korean markets and mom and pop marts . Thus trying to force you to shop someplace you may not want to go . I do believe the propaganda piece to give the westerners some body blows to try to forge new anti westerners laws .

    All native teachers are given an HIV test so how could a teacher have given that lady Aids . That proganda piece was so unclear who they were talking about . Teachers   army businessmen . Just who ?  And the story  never mentioned the bad deeds some Korean men due to non Korean ladies in Korea and in other countries , Not fair and balanced so  nothing more then a proganda piece by MBC trying to gain some Political agenda . Interesting MBC also runs an afterschool english program  . .         

Re: What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?

An  afterschool English program is where native teachers teach after the school day is over for most kids .  Yes its funny and strange why MBC would run an afterschool program yet  bbq westerners which native teachers are  by running a propagada piece  slamming westerns yet hire and use the people they are slamming

Perhaps they view native teachers as dirty rude out of control slaves  just a thought  

Re: What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?

I and some of the people are I know are   boycotting all mbc things . From mbc tv and radio to mbc afterschool . We will end the boycott if we get a heartfelt sincere apology from them along with a retraction of the proganda and better roles for westerners in tv dramas and some shows showing westerners  doing some good things  So far mbc has just made some excuses . Its time for mbc to take off their daipers  and put on the big boy pants and man up and make a apology and let the healing begin . Mbc has caused alot of tears its time for them to help wipe those tears away  or we will know what mbc people are and what they think western people are   We and the world are watching mbc    


Re: What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?

I am an American woman married to Korean man. I am hurt by the report and he is humilated. How can we walk around comfortably without people thinking we have HIV or that I maty steal his money and runback to America? Will our future children never be able to date here with out people judging them becasue they will not be 100% Korean?

Re: What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?

The Good , The Bad , and the Ugly .

First the bad and the ugly . Some Koreans say they will record westerners with their cellphones or diga cameras when they see them doing some things they dont like and post it on their racist anti western web sites .

The Good . Recently Busan MBC has been showing a piece showing interracial children playing soccer with Korean kids .

However it should be noted people are not born racist . They are taught to be racist by   RACIST PARENTS  RACIST TEACHERS AND A RACIST SOCIETY

lets remember what the late Rodney King said

 Can't we all just get along    .

Re: What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?

I don't know which is more incredible, the fact that they broadcast garbage like that, or the producer's inability to see anything wrong with it. He defends it by suggesting that anyone that is upset by it may be hiding some dirty secret; his attitude is that his video doesn't apply to all the good foreigners, only the naughty ones, so the good folks have no right to be upset, and if anyone happens to be upset, then, well, they must not be a good person. 

However, what he never appears to consider is that the casual Korean viewer of that program has no way to distinguish good foreigners from bad and may be much more likely as a result of that program to view all foreigners with suspicion, whether they deserve it or not. The title of the peice itself claims to be about "foreigners" and makes no such qualification that it is to be understood as applying only to "some" people and not everyone. The depth of the producer's stupidity, arrogance, and thoughtlessness is what is really most amazing about this whole story. 

Re: What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?

Rocking the international boat . I wonder why some Koreans want to rock the international boat nowadays . They are hosting the Yosu expo and the 2018 Winter Olympics  . Can the world revote ? You know there are many more Koreans living , studying , travelling , and working in  other  countries . Then non Koreans living , working , studying , travelling in Korea .  Wake up whoever is racist and korean . This is 2012 , As the late Rodney King said , Cant we all just get along.

So many young Koreans want to work in other countries . Dont you think people should treat non koreans fairly in Korea . If Koreans dont lose their  racist ideas they will be passed by Vietnam and many other countries . This is the year 2012  wake up  

Re: What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?

Today  on the subway a Korean guy in his late 20's gave me a dirty and angry look . He made some gestures too . He was standing in front of me so I asked him in mostly Korean Why are you looking at me ? and Whats wrong with you ? and some other things too . He just put his head down with a guilty look .

    I think the best way to deal with racist people is directly accuse them of it  . In Korea its best to do it in Korean .

   After the racist tv program on mbc I feel Koreans have gotten more racist . Do you agree with me ?  

   Native teachers

e 1 e 2  f 2 f 4

United we stand  Divided we fall

We should remember this song

We are not  going to take it anymore

The anymore is the  racism of Koreans   . Best to ask them why are you racist right away  . If you can do it in Korean thats best .

The best weapon in Korea  is the Korean language .

Re: What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?

What can we do about the mbc racist tv show . Well I for one will not watch mbc anymore . I used to watch mbc news and tv dramas . I also will never work for mbc afterschool .     If mbc is really not racist they would fire the people who made that racist tv show .  

Re: What's Your View on the MBC 'Shocking Reality' Video?

I have heard that many Koreans want the MBC boss to resign for bad actions . Not  for  the racist report . I would hope MBC would talk about  how South Korea is becoming a Japanese clone by starting  Whaling again using the same dirty loophole in the law that the dirty Japanese whalers use . Shame on you South Korean Whalers . Same on you Japanese Whalers . Shame on you Korean Japanese clone whalers .