Chusok Plans?


Re: Chusok Plans?

I will be watching a lot of sports, Stanley Cup playoffs have just finished  , It was really fantastic to watch hockey , Now we got NBA finals  and MLB playoffs are starting   , It is really a sports paradise in a pandemic , Also NFL and EPL has just started ,   I was confused it asks if anyone is taking an out of country getaway , Correct me if I am wrong , IF a Korean or foreigner  enters Korea they must quarintine 14 days at a government facility . Before getting on the plane to Korea you need take a coronavirus test and  have a paper showing negative status to get on plane , Upon arrival in you need take a coronavirus test , If positve sent to hospital , If negative sent to quarintine center for 14 days , Cost is about 80 000 to 100 000 W a day , After 14 days take another coronavirus test , If positive     sent to hospital , If negative can freely go in city , Please correct me if any of my statement are not correct , Any -Korean entering America needs a 48 hour negative coronavirus test to get on a plane to America , --This policy was made- to be the same policy that Korea has , I think Americans or permamemt residents do not need the coronavirus 48 hour negative test , I think America does not have a quarintine center for arrivals , I think you have a home quarintine , Amercia is a mess now , Please correct me if any information is not correct , Please remember to wear a mask and dont touch your eyes nose and mouth , Also wash your hands as much as possible and use hand sanitizers as much as possible too ,